California Smoking Ban Proposal Should Fire Up Even Nonsmokers

cigaretteI think we all can agree -- smokers included -- that smoking is bad for one's health. We know the risks, and after years of cover up and/or denial, we've taken some positive steps in this country to really raise awareness about the harmful effects of nicotine and to ban smoking in public places like on airplanes and in restaurants. Good for us.

One California town, however, has taken things about 5,000 steps further and gone into straight-up crazy mode. According to The Blaze, the Rocklin City Council is actually considering a proposal that would outlaw smoking not just in restaurants or public places, but it would also ban smoking on people's own private property. That means people wouldn't be able to smoke on their front porch, in their backyard, or anywhere else that it may waft into their neighbor's yard.

So where exactly will smokers be allowed to smoke?


If such a ban passes, it seems their only remaining haven would be in their own homes or in the few random airport smoking lounges that still exist. And what if they have children at home? Sure quitting would be the best option, but if they don't, are they supposed to smoke instead their home instead of out in the great wide outdoors? 

I can't stand being around smoke, but wow, I'm almost starting to feel sorry for smokers here.

It's not illegal to smoke, and while I feel for the father who brought the proposal to the council (his children have asthma), we can't completely abolish smokers and their rights. What's next, a ban on perfume that's too strong? Maybe a ban on people using a grill because we don't like the smoke when they barbecue their burgers?

Look, I don't really want to live next to someone who puffs away on his or her porch all day either. However, I think I'd rather live next to a smoker than to someone who thinks banning people from smoking on their own private property is a good idea.

Do you think this proposal to ban smoking on private property is outrageous? Have you ever lived by people whose smoking was a problem?

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