3 Oscar Beauties Who Looked a Bit Too Thin

angelina jolie   While it would be so much fun to get to walk the red carpet at a big event like the Oscars and get all gussied up in a fancy dress, I can't help but think that it would be pretty tough to feel confident about your body with a bunch of svelte looking celebrities running around.

And judging from just how incredibly thin a few ladies looked at the show last night, it's obvious that they aren't exempt from feeling the pressures of having to look perfect on camera. And they also seem to buy into the whole "the camera adds 10 pounds" thing.

One Oscar beauty who has always been a bit on the thin side is Angelina Jolie, but lately, she really appears to be wasting away to practically nothing. Did you see just how rail-thin her arms are? They look like a couple of twigs that would snap in two if you so much as brushed against them.


The minute she came out on stage and flashed her skinny right leg, Twitter and Facebook practically erupted with posts from various people begging her to eat a sandwich. And for the sake of her own physical health, we really hope that she indulged in a good meal at one of the Oscars after-parties.

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Another lady who wowed us with her slender bod was Gwyneth Paltrow.

gwyneth paltrow

And while she did look elegant and was certainly one of the best dressed stars of the entire evening, it was noticeable that she's really on the slender side these days. That dress seriously didn't leave one ounce of room for anything else but her incredibly long and lean body. But is she getting a bit too lean? Adding a few pounds definitely wouldn't hurt her appearance, that's for sure.

Giuliana Rancic also showed up looking rail-thin at the Oscars last night, which was kind of a sad sight to see.

giuliana rancic

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She's really had one hell of a year to say the least, so it's definitely not a shock that stress may be taking its toll on her already slight frame. Between her struggle with infertility and a battle with breast cancer that resulted in her having a double mastectomy, it's understandable that her weight has also suffered. Hopefully things will turn around for the better for her in 2012, and she will be happy and healthy for the Academy Awards next year.

Did you notice any other stars who appeared too thin at the Oscars?


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