Get Kate Walsh’s Sexy Figure With These 3 Health Secrets

Kate WalshWell helllooooooo Kate Walsh! Looks like the Private Practice star opted for her birthday suit on the cover of Shape magazine's March 2012 issue. You know what I say? Good for her. Yeah yeah -- going nude on the cover of a national magazine is a pretty ballsy statement. But what the hey? You've got to be losing your marbles if you think she doesn't look pretty freakin' amazing. Hell, I hope that I look that fabulous at the ripe age of 44 years old.

The best part? Inside the mag, Kate bares more than just some of her best assets. In fact, she divulges some of her secrets to looking so fab.

Check out Kate's 3 flawless body secrets here:


1. Portion control. The actress tells Shape that keeping track of her portion sizes is the key to maintaining her weight. Hell yeah it is! I'm all for eating what you want and losing weight. In fact, I'm a firm believer that you have to every once in a while if you want to upkeep a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.

2. Stay away from the cigarettes. Kudos to Kate for admitting that she used to love smoking. The actress tells Shape that she lost her father to lung cancer when she was 22. Now, she stays away from the cancer sticks, and I think it's clear that the proof is in the pudding.

Aside from the obvious health benefits involved with quitting smoking like a reduction of your risk of heart attack and improved circulation, those that say no to nicotine will see a younger and more vibrant look to their skin. No wonder why Kate's skin looks as smooth as a baby's bottom! 

3. Take care of your skin. When you're in the limelight, it's easy to get wrapped up in the hype behind cosmetic procedures and go under the knife. However, Kate keeps her skin healthy by going for regular facials.

Yeah yeah, facials aren't such a big splurge when you're a big A-list celeb. However, the health benefits of getting your skin tended to, like a reduction in fluid build-up, exfoliation, and the stress relief, make spending a pretty penny well worth it in my eyes!

What do you think of Kate baring it all on Shape? What are your flawless body secrets?

Image via Shape Magazine

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