Kate Upton Says Cupcakes Help Her Stay Skinny

Kate UptonI've had it up to here with this Kate Upton character. You've heard of her, right? You know, that ridiculously voluptuous 19-year-old who everyone and their mother are talking about since she landed the cover of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Yeah, it's not even 48 hours after the issue hit newsstands, and I'm over it.

What I'm NOT over, though, is her diet leading up to her SI photo shootThe cover girl told Us Weekly that she didn't do anything "drastic." Wait. REALLY? This bombshell does nothing drastic, looks naturally amaze, and WAM BAM whaddyaknow she's a cover girl? Man, her life must just be peachy effin' keen.

She did mention that she cut down on splurges to once a week, though. "It could be a cupcake, it doesn't matter!"

Hmmm. I can respect that. In my opinion, if you don't break down and eat something you REALLY love every once in a while, there's no way in hell you can stay on the healthy kick.


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Let's talk about splurging, shall we? I live sanely by splurging. If I didn't splurge once every day or so, I'd be a mental case. I'm not talking about a pint of Ben & Jerry's every dreary afternoon or waking up every day and housing a bagel with lox and cream cheese. I'm talking, like, moderate splurges. I'm talking, hey -- it's a Wednesday afternoon and I could really go for some frozen yogurt so I'm gonna walk my tuchus down to McDonald's and get a dollar cone. Ahhhhhh, the little things.

The reality of eating healthy is that it has to become a lifestyle. If you restrict yourself from eating things you really want, then you're totally gonna mess up your groove by noshing down on something 1,000x worse, instead. You need to cave! Okay, maybe cave is the wrong word. Let's call it ration.

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If models like Kate Upton can splurge, aka "ration," and still look that good, then I think all of us can do it, too. Just a quick word to the wise, though, not all splurges are created equal. Stay smart about the way you treat yourself, balancing out your heftier choices with lots of fruits, veggies, and lean protein, and you'll see how it easy it is to shed pounds without sacrificing some of your favorite foods.

What are some of the things you splurge on while eating healthy?


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