Sperm Count Tests Take Fertility Pressure Off Women

spermFunny, isn't it, how it's often women who carry the brunt of worry and stress when it comes to fertility issues? Not funny ha-ha, of course. Because fertility problems, as anyone who has struggled to conceive a child can tell you, aren't even remotely a laughing matter.

But those of you who have wondered whether it might be your partner's fertility that's the issue will be relieved to learn that there's now an easy (relatively cheap) over-the-counter way to find that out. Mega-drugstore chains Walgreens and CVS have just announced that they'll carry a male fertility test called (not terribly poetically, if you ask me) SpermCheck Fertility.  The test will retail in stores for $40, which sounds like a lot until you think about how much a doctor's visit might set you back. It's already available online.


The test appears to work something like a pregnancy test, only … you know … with semen. OK, the process is a little more complicated – cups and collection and all. But the results are read pretty much the same: There's a control line and a test line, and if the test line appears after the semen sample is applied to the test device, then the result is "positive," meaning there's a sperm count of least 20 million sperm per milliliter and the testee's fertility is in the clear. However, if the test line does not appear, the sperm count is below 20 million sperm per milliliter, and the testee is advised to see a doctor for further evaluation. (Don't panic – that doesn't necessarily preclude the ability to father a child naturally.)

Though taking the test might be a little scary for guys, it's probably a whole lot less intimidating than going to a doctor straight off the bat. And it's a great thing that a test like this will soon be so accessible for men. It's high time men take on some of the fertility stress that so often burdens us women. So form a line there, fellas. In fact, here's hoping you all form two lines!

What do you think of the news of a new over-the-counter male fertility test?


Image via Mikael Colville-Andersen/Flickr

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