Kelly Ripa Gets Energy From This 'Drug'

Kelly RipaAm I lame because I have a major girl crush on Kelly Ripa? I just adore her energy, every time I turn on Live With Kelly she makes me laugh uncontrollably, and gee -- she's a total babe! Have you seen her arms?!

Ripa is on the March cover of Good Housekeeping, and I couldn't believe that a fit momma like herself used to get super exhausted doing things around the house. Ripa reflected on her life before she started exercising:

"I remember when Joaquin [Ripa's son] was about 7 months old, I was carrying him up the stairs, and was completely winded when I got to the top ... My husband encouraged me and said, 'If you worked out, you'd feel so much better, and it would quiet your mind down.'"

Her hubba hubby had a good point. The mother of three says that she kicked off her new exercise routine with some easy cardio. The good news? It's something that you and I both can totally do, too!

Read on to see how Kelly got her energy back:


Ready for this? Walking! Hey, we can do that!

I started out three days a week, walking for a half hour on a treadmill. Then it was five days a week, and then I started jogging. It was like a drug. The gateway drug is the treadmill.

Ahhh, a woman after my own heart. She's so right, exercising is like a drug. I totally crave it. Kelly went into her new fit routine with the right attitude. Just because you're taking it easy compared to other lunkheads at the gym doesn't mean you're not taking a step in the right direction. Walking enabled Kelly to gradually ease into a fitness routine and slowly increase her stamina. 

As far as the treadmill being a gateway drug, amen sister! Like Ripa, I slowly eased into my new love for running by walking for a half hour on the treadmill, often on an incline, at the gym. Soon after I got used to my heart pumping harder, I began to seek out more fun activities, like various fitness classes.

For a person who's not into hitting the gym, the first step is getting there and proving to yourself that hey, this isn't so bad. The next step is figuring out what activity suits you that you enjoy. Like Ripa, there's no doubt in my mind that once you find something you like, you'll be super thankful you came out in the first place.

Are you a Kelly Ripa fan? What's your go-to exercise routine?


Image via Good Housekeeping

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