Breakfast Bites That Start Your Day Off Big

healthy breakfastNo matter how hard we try to sit down and enjoy a breakfast with our entire family, some days we just have to eat on the run. Think early school assembly, PTA meeting, basically any old Tuesday. So it's necessary to have a few breakfast bites in your repertoire. Food you can hold in your hand, and eat while moving forward.

Instead of heading to the drive-thru where they wrap it up in that thin paper so nicely for you, consider doing something better for yourself and your health. Here are five handheld breakfast bites that actually will give you some necessary nutrition to start your day.


Bacon, Egg & Cheese Toast Cups

A fantastic way to get your full breakfast in one little bite, Cooking With My Kid shows you how to create a fast, easy, and nutritious breakfast you can take with you.

Zucchini & Cranberry Muffins

Fruits, veggies, all in a wonderful muffin shape. You'll also feel like you're getting a morning treat.

Pancake Rollup

First you take a really healthy pancake filled with whole grains and flax, then you pour a tiny amount of syrup in the middle. Roll and carry. Even better if you fill it with blueberries or strawberries.

Mini Quiche

Amber has the right idea by making mini quiches and adding in fantastic veggies like broccoli. You can pick whatever you and your family love and will give them energy to start their days.

Blueberry Smoothie

All hail the smoothie! The easiest way to travel, and if you use this delicious recipe, you'll add flax as well as all of those delicious fruits.

What do you eat on the go?


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