Brave Woman With Breast Cancer Speaks Out Against Susan G. Komen (VIDEO)

linda burger youtube response to susan g. komenLinda Burger, 56, speaks out against Susan G. KomenAll week now, a war has raged on between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood. Komen keeps changing their story for the split, people on both sides of the issue have railed out on the organizations' respective Facebook pages, and many local Komen affiliates have responded by opposing the decision and stating that they aim to continuing to fund their local Planned Parenthoods. Nonetheless, a different kind of backlash is taking place among disenchanted breast cancer patients ... like Linda Burger, a 56-year-old woman who resides in Las Vegas, NV and is currently battling the disease.

She says she felt compelled to make a response video called "What Breast Cancer is, and Is Not!" Burger tells The Stir exclusively, "I just felt the strong desire to make it, like something was telling me I had to. I don't usually get up on a soapbox, but in this case, it just seemed like the right thing to do."


Thank goodness she did, because her video puts a name, scars, and a seriously bold voice to the issue. It's a wake-up call.

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As you'll see, Linda warns you not to watch the entire video if you're squeamish, but I'll give you the heads-up: At one point, she shows the scars from her mastectomy, and while it isn't "pretty," it is important to see. And it could make you cry. (I did.) But we don't have to cry for her, because Linda herself has become fearless in the face of cancer. And so she didn't hold back from expressing what many breast cancer patients and survivors are thinking right now.

Check her out ...

What a seriously amazing, brave, awesome woman. Really puts a whole new spin on this mess, huh? Her take just goes to show ... This isn't even a war that should have been waged in the first place. How could the fact that red vs. blue values and religion have seemingly infiltrated an organization founded to unconditionally fight breast cancer not blow the minds of those who stood with, walked with, and have supported Komen for the past 30 years?? We thought cancer knew no politics. While shock and dismay may have been the initial reaction, looking at it through Linda's eyes, you realize the decision and the organization's current behavior isn't just outrageous ... It's terribly regretful.

Linda explained, "The Susan G. Komen Foundation has done so many good things for research, for women and men and everyone, well, that's why this makes me so very sad."

It is sad, but that doesn't mean that breast cancer survivors don't have anyone else to turn to. Thankfully, there are many organizations stepping up to the plate. Planned Parenthood itself has started a Breast Health Fund, to help Planned Parenthood health centers provide breast health education, screenings, and referrals for mammograms to women in need.

So, there is definitely still hope. Thanks, Linda, for showing us that it's particularly in the face of adversity that we should be frank, say what we feel, and fight the world.

How do you feel about Linda's video?

Image via LindainLasVegas/YouTube

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