Birth Control Recall Is God Telling Men to Get a Vasectomy

baby dollBummed out about the birth control recall? Worried about the safety and effectiveness of your pill? Welcome to the I-hate-dealing-with-birth-control club. There were plenty of reasons not to love the pill even before this latest debacle. There's the hormones, the puffiness, the mood swings, the cancer risk, the forgetting to take it. Ugh!

It's enough to make you just want to give up on birth control altogether -- almost. Except that there's that whole getting pregnant thing. Which most of us don't want to do every nine months. But here's a radical idea: How's about the guys worry about the birth control a little? Time for us to remind the men of the world about what a huge favor they'd do us if they'd just get a freakin' vasectomy.


Yeah guys, get the ol' snip snip. What's the big deal? If you're in a committed relationship and you're done making the babies, what's stopping you? I really don't understand why more guys aren't into this idea. SEX WITH NO BABIES. You want that, don't you?

I'm gonna say something that's probably way too personal, but here we go: On our 10th wedding anniversary, my husband got a vasectomy. And you know what? BEST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY PRESENT EVER. This is the same guy who survived a car accident that broke his back and feels squeamish if he's even 10 feet near a doctor's office. But he did it anyway. Why? Because of the no more babies, that's why. P.S. everything still works just fine.

I am amazed every time a woman tells me that she and her husband or partner are finished having kids but that her guy won't get a vasectomy. It's never because he's still holding out for the possibility that they'll change their minds. It's because it sounds scary. Jesus! H! Christ! We're the ones taking the pills and putting all manner or wires and sponges up our hoo-hahs month after month. We're the ones who birth the babies. Who looks like a wimp in this scenario?

Man up, guys. Get a vasectomy. You'll love it.

Are you done having babies? Has your man gotten a vasectomy? Why or why not?


Image via Laura604/Flickr

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