'The Help' Actress Octavia Spencer Shouldn't Feel Less Valuable Because of Her Size

Octavia SpencerYou would think after winning big at both the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night and the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, actress Octavia Spencer would be all smiles. However, The Help star voiced a few concerns to People backstage at the SAG Awards Sunday -- none of which actually have to do with her career. Instead, the actress spoke about a more difficult topic, her weight:

"I'm not healthy at this weight," Spencer told People. "Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem. When you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable."

Wow. Here I am, thinking this woman is on top of the world. Meanwhile, it seems like there's one helluva internal mental struggle going on.

While I see where she's coming from with the whole "less valuable" comment, I'm going to have to disagree. Those are some seriously bold words coming from a Best Supporting Actress winner.


Whether you're drastically overweight or severely underweight, I don't believe that your size makes you any less valuable. I do believe, however, that it can make you feel that way, generally because of what other people say to you as a result of how you look.

We are our own keepers. We hold the power to either overlook others criticisms of our bodies or become a prisoner to them. No matter your size, it's you who has the mindset to decide your own path. Look at Octavia, for instance. She's pursuing a career path and succeeding tremendously, even though she's overweight. I'd say she's pretty damn valuable, wouldn't you? Even so, it's her who has to believe that. Not you or me.

Like many other women, I've been there. I've been drastically overweight and often felt as though I had less to offer because of it. However, at that time in my life, I still felt fulfilled. I still felt like I had the capability to make a difference, even though I was toting around a few dozen extra pounds. Now, because I am healthier, I feel as though I have more options. But valuable? Nah. I still believe I can make just as big of an impact on those around me and in my day-to-day as I did before the weight loss. But hey, that's just me.

I'm happy that Octavia knows she wants to make a change in her life for the better. Kudos to you, lady! But just remember, a physical transformation isn't complete until you've got the mental down. Every woman deserves to know that, yes, they're worth it.

Do you think being over- or underweight makes you any less valuable? Have you ever dealt with harsh criticisms because of your size?


Image via Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

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