Kathy Griffin Bravely Opens Up to Rosie About Her Battle With Bulimia (VIDEO)

Kathy GriffinAn eating disorder is never something that's easy to talk about freely. Comedian and actress Kathy Griffin recently sat down with Rosie on the Rosie O'Donnell Show and spilled her horrific past with bulimia. The 51-year-old said that her disorder began when she was just starting out in the entertainment business back in her teens, and was made worse by one woman in particular on the set of Suddenly Susan, her wardrobe stylist, who used to repetitively criticize her for being a size 6.

I know! A freakin' 6! The worst part? I bet that the particular woman had no idea (well, until now) about how horrible of an impact her ranting left on Griffin. Doesn't it make you just wanna find her and give her a good slap in the face?

Take a look at Kathy's interview with Rosie and learn more about her battle with bulimia after the jump:


It's good to hear that Kathy has gotten over her eating disorder. As to her claim that she binged just last week -- I say, hey, it happens. Holiday parties, birthdays, hell -- weekends, it's hard not to.

However, what's important is that for the most part, we do the best we can with sticking to a healthy diet. When a binge happens, we have to try our best not to get too angry with ourselves, and come back from a bad eating day like Kathy does. Her advice? Head to the gym, be cautious about what you put into your mouth, and steadily get back into the normal swing of things. 

Have you ever been criticized about your size? Have you or someone you know ever dealt with an eating disorder?

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