People With Mysterious Morgellons Disease Aren't Out of Their Minds (VIDEO)

morgellons diseaseAs a self-confessed sometimes-hypochondriac, it drives me absolutely nutso when I feel like my concerns aren't being taken seriously by a health practitioner. When I can tell what's running through their head is, "This chick spends waaaay too much time on WebMD!" instead of, "How can help? How do we figure out what's going on here?" So I can't possibly imagine how horrifying and frustrating it is for sufferers of Morgellons disease, a controversial condition marked by crawling sensations in the skin, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have just stated is, basically, a crazy delusion.

Suffers of Morgellons have several unexplained symptoms including abnormal sensations that sufferers say feels like bugs crawling on the skin. They're also fatigued, and sometimes, tiny fibers are found embedded in waxy scabs on the skin. So creepy, right? And obviously something that demands investigation ...


Interestingly, a cluster of Morgellons cases have been reported specifically in the San Francisco Bay area over the past several years, so that's where the latest study was conducted. The researchers tested 115 Morgellons sufferers and reportedly found no evidence linking the symptoms to an infection or environmental cause. Instead, they conclude that these patients are delusional ... (In part because drugs were detected in hair samples from half of the patients, and more than one-third of patients had a neuropsychiatric condition. But that could also be a coincidence?) No wonder the patients are practically banging their heads against a wall out of frustration. Who could blame them??

Just because researchers can't completely figure out what's going on here doesn't mean they should just be passing off these symptoms as the result of mental illness. Ugh. Can you imagine if you suffered from this and were told you were just out of your mind? So frustrating!!

Seems to me the truth lies somewhere in between what the CDC has found and what these sufferers are saying. Maybe it's an autoimmune disease, like fibromyalgia? Maybe it's mentally triggered, but there are physical symptoms? Who knows ... but to just slap the "crazy" label on these people and call it a day seems so wrong.

Thankfully, there are some experts who acknowledge there's more going on here than what the feds have acknowledged in this one study. Dr. Raphael Stricker, a Lyme disease specialist who treats about 60 Morgellons sufferers, says it's not a mental illness. He told the San Francisco Chronicle:

I want to commend the CDC for doing this study and trying to get a handle on this disease, which has baffled many people and is a big problem. But the only thing it really tells us clearly is that we need to do more work, because we don't really understand this disease.

Sounds like the wisest plan of action to me ... and surely, people suffering from this mysterious condition.

Here's more of ABC's coverage ...

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Do you think Morgellons sounds like a mental illness or something else? Does it bother you that the CDC seems to just want to pass it off as a delusional condition?


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