Kevin Federline's Emergency Hospital Trip Is Nothing to Laugh At

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline, my heart hurts for you. It feels like just yesterday you and Britney Spears were madly in love, you were in fantastic shape dancing your little booty off as her backup dancer, and everyone knew your name. Now, Brit's engaged to a new man, Jason Trawick, and you're a D-List celeb, competing on your second weight loss reality show (in Australia no less) Excess Baggage.

What's worse? Looks like Kevvy's not having it easy Down Under. K. Fed was taken to a hospital in Australia yesterday after complaining of chest pains while competing on the reality show.

I have a hunch that Kev may have felt like a little bit of a wimp, considering this is his second time requiring medical attention during the taping of this one show. But if you ask me, he's a smart man for speaking up.

In fact, he's a great example that if something out of the ordinary is bothering you, you need to pay attention to it.


Federline was treated for symptoms of minor cardiac arrest before heading to the hospital. While it was determined that no, he didn't have a heart attack, there's still no word on whether or not Fed will be continuing with the show.

Sure, Kevin is in a bit of a more intense exercise regimen than the normal fitness go-er. However, that doesn't mean regular fitness buffs like you and me can't experience the same complications. Whether you're at gym or just running outside, it's important to pay attention to your body. If Kevin brushed off the pain and just thought he had worked a bit too hard, he could have overlooked a major problem.

With that said, your heart isn't the only thing you need to pay attention to! Aches and pains throughout the whole body are worth a once over. Trust me, I know from experience. In my case, I had some minor foot pain for a few months that eventually became unbearable. Turned out that I was diagnosed with a neuroma (a very painful inflamed nerve) that required wretched injections as treatment. If only I had it looked at beforehand!

Happy to hear K. Fed's okay. If he can actually get into shape in a healthy way on the show, I say let him continue on. Who knows, maybe in no time we'll see him back on stage shakin' his groove thang.

Have you ever had a minor injury turn into a major headache?


Image via Hot Rod Homepage/Flickr

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