Sex Is Safe for Your Heart (Unless You're a Cheater!)

sexEveryone knows that sex is not as good when your heart's not into it -- but if you're worried your heart's gonna stop in the middle of it? Well, that's gotta be a bit of a distraction. Today brings good health news for people who are worried about having a heart attack in the middle of getting down in the sack: As long as you're fit enough to march up two flights of steps without an alarming heart-related incident (chest pain, shortness of breath), you're probably healthy enough to make lerv. (Cue the Barry White music ...)

That's true, by the way, whether or not you have a history of heart disease. In fact, according to guidelines just released by the American Heart Association, having sex boosts the risk of heart attack only the slightest, leetlest bit.

But there is one key exception (and oh, is it a good one!) ...


The group of people most at risk for dying suddenly while having sex are "married men having affairs, often with younger women in unfamiliar settings," the Associated Press reports, citing recent research. "Those circumstances can add to stress that may increase the risks."

Oh ... my ... god! Talk about cosmic health payback! Talk about good karmic news tucked inside good health news! Talk about JUSTICE!

So all you would-be cheaters, be warned. If you're not worried (as you should be) about ticking off your wife by sneaking off to a hotel room with your younger paramour, you might at least worry about offing yourself in the act via a troubled ticker. And ladies, if you think your man would cheat on you only over your dead body, it turns out there's a greater chance he'll do it ... over his own.

Chuckle. Chuckle. Snort. Sigh.

What do you think of the new guidelines about heart health and sex?


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