Kendra Wilkinson's Diet Is Totally Nuts (For Real)

kendra wilkinson dietKendra Wilkinson is really nutty. Like, literally. The E! reality star famous for her hilarious laugh and her relationship with Hugh Hefner has publicly struggled to lose weight after she and husband Hank Baskett welcomed a son two years ago. We've seen her lament her figure on her show Kendra, wondering if she'd ever have her tight little Girls Next Door bod ever again, and now, it seems like she's getting close. Kendra's looking better than ever and told People magazine at a Golden Globes after party that she's found a diet that really works for her. 

Her secret? Nuts. Lots and lots of nuts. Almost exclusively nuts. So. Many. Nuts. She explains: "I've been eating almonds, pistachios, nuts with no sodium, and some dried fruit all day long."


Hmm. Well, hmm. I suppose that's one way to try and lead a healthier life, buuuut, I'm not sold. She's calling it her "natural diet," which I guess one can't really argue with. Nuts are natural, that's for sure, but is eating them all day long natural? I don't know about that.

She's certainly getting a lot of protein from her nut diet, and lots of vitamin E, lots of necessary fat, and some essential minerals, but it just sounds a bit weird in a day and age where fresh vegetables and fruits are readily available. I mean, I'm sure she had to throw a couple of pieces of dried fruit into her diet because, otherwise, I'm sorry, but she wouldn't have pooped for months.

Her "natural diet" (nutural diet?) seems like one of those fads you read about every now and again that suggests you only eat cabbage soup with grapefruit, something like that. I don't think what she's got going on is sustainable. It may be a semi-healthy way to lose some weight yet stay energized, but at some point, vegetables need to come back into the picture.

After all, you are what you eat ... do you really want to be nuts?

What do you think of Kendra's diet? Is it something you'd try?


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