Streaming Your Favorite Exercise Class at Home Makes Fitness Fun & Easy

flirty girl fitness live class demoSince I work from home most days, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is work out at home. I need to get out of the house, and that's why I pretty much ran screaming to my nearest affordable neighborhood gym. But even if it isn't a hassle to get there, the CROWDS these days! Oh, those New Year's resolution-ers are everywhere (they seem to be multiplying by the SUV-load every day since the first of the year!), and they're starting to make me re-think my own strategy. Do I have no choice but to return to working on my fitness back at my apartment?

Quite possibly. In fact, most of us might soon be doing that, because it looks like the future of fitness lies no further than our laptops.


It was news to me until recently, too, but apparently, tons of entrepreneurs are reinventing the Jane Fonda workout video by creating a new trend: Streaming fitness classes. There's Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE, which streams three or four of the franchise's group classes every day, and kind of like you would for a regular studio or gym, you pay $15 for unlimited classes a month. There are lots of other similar sites cropping up like Yogis Anonymous, Connect Online Fitness, and EMG Live Fitness, which was created for stay-at-home moms and anyone who might not be comfortable in a group setting in mind. One called DailyBurn even customizes your workout for you based on what you've already done -- how cool!

Just reading about these sites has me psyched to check them out. How awesome would it be to know your next yoga or boxing class is a click away? Oh, sure, I guess there are certain drawbacks, like you can't actually speak with the instructor face-to-face (although, email is probably an option on some of these sites) or have them there to correct your positioning or movement, if you need that, but it seems for most independent exercisers, it sounds like a win-win. Avoid the crowds, the hassle, the germs of a crowded gym or studio and get in your 30+ minutes of activity.

And hey, if you find yourself craving the social aspects of working out in public, you could always invite friends over to join you for that live "Bikini Bootcamp" sesh ... LIVE from the comfort of your own home! 

Would you try streaming fitness classes?


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