Paula Deen's Diabetes Makes Her Human, Not a Bad Influence

paula deenWow, Paula Deen is catching hell from a lot of people this week -- especially from Anthony Bourdain! And you kind of can't blame them for all the outrage. I mean, she's been buttering-up America all this time, even when she knew she had diabetes. And then the Novo-Nordisk endorsement deal just sunk her credibility lower.

And yet -- as the face of diabetes, I think Paula is as strong as ever, if not stronger. The more I think about this whole hot mess, the more Paula Deen reminds me of a lot of the people in my life. And that's why this is a unique opportunity for Paula to make a difference where others have tried and failed.


Paula Deen is like that family member or friend who's addicted to unhealthy food but just can't kick the habit. Did you know that Paula smokes, too? Why do people keep up self-destructive behavior? I don't think it's just about lack of willpower. I think Paula shows us all how very complicated managing our health can be in this world.

After all, Paula's diabetes doesn't exist in a vacuum. Yes, she's a zaftig lady who's made a career out of cheering on Team Tubby. You know the health risks were always just lurking in the shadows for her, while she put the spotlight on growing her career (we love successful women, right?), her fan base, her family, and keeping up with that elusive work/family balance. Is it any wonder she kept ignoring her health?

Most of our healthy eating gurus have ideal bodies. They're lean, glowing people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Dr. Oz. -- people the majority of Americans can't relate to at all. But what if someone just like you, who struggles with her weight and loves mac and cheese sausage sandwiches, is out there trying to change her eating habits? If she takes her Diabetes in a New Light project seriously enough, Paula could reach people who have been turned off by every other health message out there.

And let's be honest: Anthony Bourdain loves butter every bit as much as Paula does, maybe even more.

Can you relate to Paula Deen? Do you think she's lost her credibility?


Image via Food Network

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