Paula Deen's Shocking Health Confession Is Good News for Everyone


paula deenWhen celeb chef Anthony Bourdain came out bashing rival Paula Deen this past summer for being "the worst, most dangerous person to America," most of America came to the Southern-fried chef's defense. Even if you know it's hella bad for you, most of us LOVE to indulge in the kind of comfort food that Paula's known for peddling -- from mac 'n' cheese to red velvet cake. Even if only on a rare occasion. However, it's looking like Bourdain may have had a point about Deen's dangerous habits.

Buzz is swirling that Paula has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ... and the latest is that she plans to sit down with TODAY's Al Roker on Tuesday in an exclusive interview to "address the rumors." Wuh-oh. We all know what talking to Al Roker means ... Seems like she's about to come clean to America, leaving us wondering ... could this signal the end of her career?!

Well, in the past, when she's gotten flak for advocating butter and fat-laden recipes, she's scoffed and said she cooks the way most families do in the U.S. ...  But now, she's going to have to look the country in the eye and say she was wrong. And are people going to turn their backs on her for that? Pfft ... no way!

Think of this way: She'll be the nuevo-Oprah! She's an example of so many other Americans, and in turn, this confession will make her 1000x more relatable to people -- especially those with a taste for fattier fare. Then, she'll make herself over in front of our very eyes.

Come on. Do we or do we not all love when we can figure out how to make brownies with 1/2 the fat and 100 percent of the original fudginess? How about learning "faux" frying methods -- you know, to do up some chicken that tastes just as crunchy and yum as fried, but it was baked? I could totally see Deen steering her cuisine in that direction, and we would eat it up ... literally. At the same time, she'd be teaching us all a lesson about overhauling our nutrition for disease prevention -- one Michelle Obama would undoubtedly approve of. Hey, maybe they can partner up! Wouldn't be the craziest thing now. 

Basically, Paula Deen's diabetes has put her in a position now to make even more of us love her and buy into her brand. And to inspire many Americans in the same position to turn their lives around, too. Looks like what could have been Paula's greatest health and career disaster is actually going to be a win-win ... for all of us.

How do you feel about Paula Deen? Do you think she'll be able to make the switch and set a good example for other Americans struggling with healthy eating?

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TC00 TC00

I can't understand the criticism paula gets. Never once has she said you should eat her cooking everyday. I'm a southerner, I love fried foods or rich foods but that doesn't mean I eat them all the time or even on a regular basis.

I think sometimes people just need a reason to bitch.

happy... happymama0609

I still love me some Paula Deen. I have met her here in Savannah and she is the most sweetest person ever. Anyone with half a brain knows that you do not eat food like that everyday, and if you do it is your own damn fault. She has even come out and said that you should not eat like that everyday.

the4m... the4mutts

Kristi, I agree with everything you said, as well as the other poster, I think your screen name is cafelame?

You both said things perfectly

ashja ashja

@cafelame - nutritionist?? No thanks, I'll take my advice from a registered dietician - "Nurtitionists" are NOT the same as RDs and you know it. It's like the difference between an attorney and a legal secretary.

JHanc968 JHanc968

I like Paula!

Dayija Dayija

Can't wait to see her on the Today Show!!! Looking for inspiration in dealing with diabetes, interested in what she has to say

elasmimi elasmimi

I like her, she cooks southern food, and if people want to eat healthy, they should watch another show. I would love it of she could come up with "healthy" chicken recipes as good as her fride chicken, but it is not possible, and we all know it. You can learn to eat healthier, but it will never taste as good as down home southern cooking. We all know it, and just won't admit it.

mille... millerbunch

she cooks down home food :)  of course i'm sure she can find ways to 'health' it up but the ones who cook her food are the ones that need to watch themselves.. do it in moderation..

i love watching her.

Cafelame Cafelame

@ashja I'm currently in school for a degree in dietetics, so you can trust me in six months after I finish my internship :)

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