10 Great Reasons NOT to Exercise

It seems like everyone I know has jumped with full force on the exercise bandwagon lately. Whether they're hitting the gym or running marathons or sitting in hundred degree rooms doing yoga and sweating buckets, they are exercising in some way. And, personally, I find it disturbing. What ever happened to good, old fashioned walking? Like, to the refrigerator for a snack?

If you are like me and wondering what everyone else sees in that 10K that you don't, I present to you ten reasons NOT to exercise. Pull up a chair ...


1. You lose valuable time doing things like stalking Facebook and catching up on the hottest celebrity gossip.

2. You get ravenous and eat more, thus cancelling out the exercise, anyway.

3. You could lose a pant size. Oh, sure, that sounds all positive, but who can afford a new wardrobe?

4.  You're sore. If I'm going to ache all over, I at least want to have enjoyed getting there.

 5. It wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch The Biggest Loser with a bowl full of ice cream having just come from the gym.

6. Your sneakers get worn-looking. They work so much better as a fashion statement.

7. You smell. Showering out of necessity is such a chore.

8. You sweat. It causes breakouts and who wants to look 13 again?

9. You could pull a muscle. As if working out isn't painful enough, you can injure yourself? What a joke.

10. Muffin tops are adorable!

Image via andyinnyc/Flickr

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