Pot Smokers Win Bragging Rights Over Cigarette Smokers

marijuanaThe health news for pot smokers just keeps getting better. Last week, researchers released a study concluding that occasional pot users suffered no long-term effects in terms of memory and mental function -- and in some cases actually scored better on memory tests than people who said they didn't touch the potent weed -- when they hit middle age. This week comes more research that'll tickle those who take an occasional toke -- and bring them even more bragging rights, especially over cigarette smokers: According to a long-term study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, low to moderate marijuana use has no significant negative effect on users' respiratory health, especially not when compared to regular tobacco use.

Yep, according to the latest research, smoking two or three joints a month isn't nearly as bad for your lungs as puffing your way through eight or nine cigarettes a day.


Are all you Mary Jane fans done laughing and coughing and laughing and coughing yet? Way to hog all the good health news, pot lovers!

Far be it from me to harsh your buzz, but I do have to wonder what's going on here. I mean, holy smokes, two heavyweight studies patting marijuana users on the backs (and endorsing their brains and lungs) in two weeks? Are the pot-smoking research grad students of the world trying to prove a point? If so, they seem to be succeeding.

Of course, experts have been quick to point out that long-term marijuana use can have other ill effects: addiction, impaired driving, and the like. Nevertheless, proponents of legalizing marijuana are basking in the (fragrant) waves of good news. And who can blame them? The evidence -- at least from a health standpoint -- does seem to be stacking up in their direction.

Do the results of these recent studies change your perspective on pot use?


Image via ☺ Lee J Haywood/Flickr

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