Chelsea Handler's New Habit Is Nothing to Laugh At

are you there vodka, it's me chelsea book coverAnyone who considers themselves a fan of Chelsea Handler knows that the comedian, author, Chelsea Lately host and exec producer, as well as creator/star of the new show, Are You There, Chelsea? (based on one of her books, cover to the right) has a thing for vodka ... sometimes, tequila. And who could blame her? Pinnacle Cake Flavored Vodka shots and frozen margaritas are my among my faves, too, mmmm ... But while alcohol plays a pretty hefty role in her salty and dry brand of humor, she recently dished that she's not sloshing back the vodka martinis as frequently as you might think. 

It seems inspired in part by her awesome job and the people she works with. Chelsea told Us Weekly at NBC Universal TCA Tour, "To function as I do, I can't be a mess." So, that kinda begs the question, right ... How does she get her booze fix and stay straight at the same time?


Moderation, drrr! She says she's become more responsible when drinking.

I know, so not the answer you expected, right? And definitely not Hollywood. Buh-oooooooring! We expect our stars to get smashed on the highest end libations money can buy! They're famous and rich after all, so why not? We figure someone like Chelsea, who snarks all the time about the joy of intoxication, should be up in a penthouse suite every night of the year drinking to her heart's content, right?

But nah. Obviously, the woman's got good reason to exhibit self-control. She shared with Us:

I feel a big responsibility to not only everyone who watches the show, but to everyone who is on the show and all the employees I have. We're creating jobs in a landscape where people aren't getting a lot of work. Our show is a great place to be, and when you walk in the door, you know it.

In other words, she knows going all Charlie Sheen would jeopardize what she's built for herself with Chelsea Lately and now, Are You There, Chelsea? And she doesn't want to ruin it for her fans, co-workers, or employees. Definitely cool of her -- and mature, responsible, of course.

You know, we hear celebs talk all the time about losing lots of weight or going to rehab for coke addictions or whatever -- they're usually battling crazy extremes it seems -- but it's rare that we hear a celeb talk about something as simple, but important as being a responsible drinker. Yet, it's something we should hear, because we do envision them being all Entourage-y and party animal because they can. Hearing Chelsea Handler can handle her liquor like a responsible adult isn't boring after all ... It's truly refreshing.

Are you surprised by Chelsea's change of heart with drinking? Do you generally expect celebs to party like rock stars all the time?


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