Your New Year’s Resolution Is Ruining My Gym Workout


Crowded gymI hate going to the gym. It's crowded. It reeks because one-too-many members forgot to put on deodorant. I can't get onto a machine to save my life without waiting for at least 10 minutes while awkwardly staring at my sports watch. The locker room is full of women chatting about their son or daughter's upcoming school dance, and the water fountain has a five minute wait.

Can you tell I'm annoyed?

I haven't always felt this way. I used to adore the gym. I owned that place. The people behind the desk know my name, and I have "gym friends" who high five me when they walk past my treadmill. These angry feelings, they're a recent change.

Want to know whose fault it is? The New Year's resolution-ers.

You know who I'm talking about, don't you? Those people who pledge to drop 30 pounds now that it's 2012 and are convinced that simply walking through the gym doors and snagging themselves a membership will do the trick. News flash: It won't.

It's not that I am not happy there are loads (Read: Legitimately hundreds) of people who are taking the reigns of their own life and attempting to get physically fit. I'm happy for you. Bravo! However, that just doesn't change that now that the whole flock of 'em are at my gym taking up my space, and they're annoying the hell out of me.

Let's face it: A few weeks from now, most of the resolution-ers will have given up. The truth is that they're not actually enjoying themselves at the gym. Meanwhile, there are gym-goers like me, the kind that have been going to the gym all year long, who love it. Before, machines everywhere were available. Now? Not so much.

Here the resolution newbie comes, thinking they own the place. They walk at a 3 mph speed on the treadmill, don't break a sweat, and call it a day. I'll tell you something: It's not doing them, or me, any good.

To the New Year's resolution-ers, let me offer you a bit of advice. If you want to get fit, do it in a way that you enjoy. Don't go to the gym because it's what you feel like you should be doing. Do you like walking? How about shopping? Then walk laps around the mall to get in that cardio instead of taking up a treadmill. Are you the sort of person that needs to be "entertained" while you workout? Then try a yoga class or shake your booty at zumba.

If you're a New Year's resolution-er and really do want to be at the gym, then do your research. Splurge on a session with a personal trainer who can show you what moves to get your desired results. Whether you're looking to tone or drop a few pounds, work on customizing some sort of routine that works for you. Ask someone to show you how to lift the weight the right way, instead of putting your muscles at risk with the wrong technique.

I want the resolution-ers to succeed, I really do. However, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it all. Best of luck on that fit goal, my fellow sweataholics. Trust me, I'll be watching you. Oh and please, don't forget the deodorant next time, OK?

Are you a New Year's resolution-er? Do you have them at your gym, too?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

You had me until you started trying to send them in to my yoga and zumba classes. No thank you! I'm all for people being there who can keep up but the ones who are so out of shape that they need to set the treadmill at 3mph should not be in a zumba class. The people who shuffle around barely moving are dangerous because they get in the way when people try to move around the room. Yoga isn't as bad, that's mostly a crowding issue, but I hate it when a newbie comes in thinking it's the funniest thing ever and spends the whole class moaning about how hard it is and laughing hysterically when they fall over and knock the person beside them to the floor. If you've never tried it before do everyone a favor (yourself included) and try a DVD or Wii Fit before you hit a class.

nonmember avatar J

Maybe your New Year's resolution should be to spend some time learning to use a dictionary instead of criticizing others for trying to better themselves. If you do, you may learn that the word wreak means "to inflict something upon a person or to bring about or cause an action (commonly used example: havoc)". The word reek, however, means "to give off or become permeated with a strong unpleasant odor". Of course, you could just skip the dictionary, keep relying on spell-check to make up for your lack of vocabulary, and write about something that actually matters- meaning, not your opinion.

MamaB... MamaBear2cubs

Everyone has to start somewhere!!!!

nonmember avatar Renee

Odds are that these newbies do want to get in shape or they wouldn't have made the effort to go at all. Instead of vilifying them, maybe you should offer some support.

nonmember avatar Yogi

'Are you the sort of person that needs to be "entertained" while you workout? Then try a yoga class or shake your booty at zumba.' Number one: most gyms have yoga classes, so these are not mutually exclusive. Number two: yoga is not entertainment; look it up. Number three: yoga will make you sweat and mellow you out, which is something it sounds like you just may need, my dear.

nonmember avatar KT

If you've been a gym goer for a long time then you should expect the New Years crowd. You know it'll taper off in a month or so so quit whining and just go at a different time than rush hour (typically after 5pm when everyone gets off work). I've started going in the morning when its less crowded.

Celia... Celiacelia

I understand how you feel but that is also the same thinking that makes people NOT want to go to the gym because newbies are afraid of people thinking they're taking up their space, you all pay the same for membership they have the right to be there but it's also true that people do tend to give up after a few weeks so either don't go during peak hours or just wait it out, don't feel so entitled because you're a regular

pjbarbie pjbarbie

I'm with you Emily!  Yes, everyone has to start somewhere and a good place to start would be to respect the people who have been there before them. Most of the newbies won't be there for long but during that time they are they can be quite the nuisance.

Rhonda, good advice about getting up to speed before jumping into a class.

TC00 TC00

And this author is one who will be bitching and whining because they caught a glimpse of a obese person and all they need to do is go to the gym!

nonmember avatar Me

SEE? YOU are the reason why I have avoided getting a membership for years. I've reached an age where I don't allow people like you to pass your little insignificant judgements on me and discourage me.
That person going 3 MPH on the treadmill? They probably have hit a phase in their life where going up 2 flights of stairs taxes them, and realize they need to do something about it. They should be celebrated instead of patronized by the likes of you. They may be so unfit that their heart starts pumping too hard long before they begin to sweat. What do you want them to do? Keep up with you and have a heart attack, drop dead and free up YOUR machine???
Why don't you build yourself up some good Karma, ju-ju or whatever you believe in and offer some HELP? Encourage them! Maybe you will help extend their life, and they will still be members come March.
But no, it's all about YOU, isn't it?
I went for the first time yesterday, did about 20 laps in the pool, and I'm trying to build my strength and stamina at a healthy progress. It's MY lane for that time. I paid for it just as you did. I waited for my turn too.
I am a strong person. I can get over the snobby jerks such as yourself, so that I can catch up. A lot of people aren't that strong, and will give up and make room for YOU before February 1st. Then you can continue to see them in public, shake your snooty little head, and wonder how they allowed themselves to get so out of shape.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

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