Hilarious Video Captures All the Crazy Highs and Lows of Running (VIDEO)

Running a marathon is no small task. For many, it's a life goal, something they have dreamed of doing since they were a kid or always wanted to do. For others, it's something they do with regularity. But no matter how many you've run, no marathon is ever easy. Sorry to disappoint, but 26.2 miles is difficult no matter how you slice it.

It's also hilarious to run that long. At a certain point, your mind stops being clear and your thoughts become downright insane. I have run two full marathons and about a dozen half marathons and it's always the same. I always wish I had a journal to capture the insanity. Luckily, Improve Asylum did that for us.

See below for the hilarious video that takes on a runner's thoughts during a marathon:


This is so right on. During my marathon, I spent Miles 1-5 feeling empowered, Miles 5-10 feeling despairing, Miles 10-20 in The Dark Place, and Miles 20-26.2 in pain. By Mile 26.2, I couldn't move another step. My time was 3:48, which was eight minutes short of my goal of 3:40, but I was still pretty pleased.

Anyone who has ever run one of these knows it's a slog fest. Unless you are walking and not even trying, there is going to be some pain, some delirium, and yes, some Rob Thomas. You will worry about pooping your pants. You will check out the butt of someone totally inappropriate. Your nipples (or something) will chafe and bleed.

The one thing all marathoners experience that wasn't included was the anger. I went through a couple miles where I screamed obscenities at all who were near me. I was super attractive, naturally.

All in all, I can't wait to do it again!

Have you run a marathon?


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