10 Things That Really Make Me Happy

I'm a pretty pessimistic person. I'm a happy person, but just a glass half empty rather than full kind of girl. I can't help it. So, every few weeks I try and take stock of the little things that have made me smile lately. Even for a few moments, my glass ends up pretty darn full. Thinking I should do it more often. Here's today's list ...


1. A perfectly poached egg. Such a simple thing, but done right? Perfection.

2. Cancelled sports practice. It's the grown-up version of a snow day.

3. A newly toothless grin. Few things are as cute as a huge smile with a missing front tooth.

4. A good haircut. Amazing what a difference it can make.

5. An '80s movie marathon on TV. Best day ever!

6. Nutella from the jar.

7. Shoes that are cute and comfortable. I may just have bought Fit-Flops in four colors.

8. A long, hot shower. Without an audience.

9. A pitcher of sangria and someone I want to share it with.

10. A nap. Nothing beats a nap.

 What makes YOU happy?

Image via Scary Mommy

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