Giuliana Rancic Finally Tells the Truth About Her Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

giuliana rancic on today showGiuliana Rancic has been so open about her war with breast cancer so far that it should come as no surprise that she's now reporting back on her most recent battle: A double mastectomy. Although it only happened two and a half weeks ago, the E! host and her hubby, Bill Rancic, went on TODAY to chat with Matt Lauer.

As you'd expect, Giuliana was all smiles and said, "I've got to be honest. I feel great ... But I still have a ways to go as far as the recovery." Still, Bill said she was "cracking jokes" on her way into the operation. Sheesh. Is this woman superhuman?? It seems like she's able to stay cheery and bright no matter what. Sure, I admire her positive attitude, but at the same time ... it has to be more challenging than they're letting on, right? At least occasionally?

Thankfully, later in the interview, she spilled what the surgery was really like. 


She told Matt Lauer:

It was definitely hard. I knew this was going to be a tough surgery. I in no way want to minimize it. Yes, I'm two and a half weeks out, (but) my gosh ... Up until a week and a half ago, it was hell. It was horrible.

Yes! THANK YOU, Giuliana! She finally said it -- it is no walk in the park! Even if you're prepared for it and stay positive like she has, going through something like this has to feel like an uphill battle -- at least at first.

We really have to hand it to Giuls for clarifying. After all, it's not like sugar-coating the ordeal or minimizing it, as she said, would be doing anyone any favors. Come the day someone else might have to go through it, too, they might think they're abnormal for not being able to "feel great" after such a short period of time ... for not getting back to work so quickly, or even for not looking as pulled-together as Giuliana.

But now we know that's not the case. Although it's awesome that she is progressing so quickly, it's truly a relief to hear her say it hasn't been easy ... that it was "hell." Good for her for not only being being transparent with her experience, but for being real.

Here's the clip from the TODAY show of Giuliana opening up ...

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