Woman Sacrifices an Organ to Give Childhood Friend a True Christmas Miracle (VIDEO)

allison buell margaret felix vazquez kidney donationFacebook gets a lot of flak for being the place where people make trivial connections with long-lost friends, but once in a while, it really does prove its worth. Like this Christmas, when 42-year-old Allison Buell from Whiting, Indiana reconnected with her high school pal, Margaret Vazquez and quickly learned Margaret's husband, Felix, was a diabetic on dialysis and needed a kidney. Here's where it gets amazing: Without hesitation, Allison said, "I got time, I got a kidney. How do I get tested?" No joke!

Having just lost a job she loved, she had the time to go all out to make this happen, and explained, "It was a blessing. It really was like my George Bailey moment." Wow! What the world would be like if more people were like Allison. The entire time she went through the testing to make sure she would be a match as a donor, there was absolutely no question in her mind that she wanted Felix to have her kidney! She only had one caveat ...


She wanted it to happen before Christmas, so it would be her gift to him and Margaret. Wow, right?

Allison changed the Vazquezes lives forever. Since December 9 of last year, Felix had spent the hours between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays hooked to dialysis machines that cleaned his blood. Today, he is walking around with a functioning kidney. It's a new lease on life. He told local news, "I haven't stopped shedding a tear since" he received Allison's generous donation.

My boyfriend and I have close friends who recently went through a similar deal. His co-worker's wife needed a kidney transplant, and in order to get one, her husband donated his to another patient, in a donation chain. The people who don't even bat an eyelash to donate their organs to people in need -- like our friend and Allison Buell -- seriously restore my faith in humanity!

Yeah, so it's no wonder I got choked up reading this story ... But then I had to laugh when I read that Margaret and Felix didn't know how they could possibly repay Allison, but they decided to give her a Keurig single-cup coffeemaker for her troubles. Ha! She really liked the one in the pre-op meeting at the hospital, so now she can enjoy one of her own. Cute, huh?

Now, this is what the holidays should be about, people! Here's the news story the local Chicago news affiliate ran ...


Have you ever thought of donating an organ like Allison Buell did?


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