25 Best Mom Confessions of 2011

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It's been almost a year since I started the Confessional on Scary Mommy. I've laughed, I've gagged, I've teared up, and I've dropped my jaw. With the year drawing to a close, I thought I would share the most popular confessions -- those with the most "likes" and "OMG me too's." Can you relate to any? Got anything to get off your chest before stepping into 2012?

1. Everyone thinks I'm such a great mom for teaching my daughter how to read already. It wasn't me. It was the LeapFrog pen. I had no idea she could read.

2. When I get grouchy, I send myself to my room. Kids bang on the door and I tell them I can't come out and they can't come in until the timer goes off because I'm in time-out. For extra punishment, I make myself eat candy.

3. One of my favorite moments of the day is taking off my bra when I get home.

4. I cheat at board games to make them end faster.

5. DH wouldn't climb up in the attic to get my Halloween decorations down, so I did it. After I got them down, I carefully laid myself out on the floor and screamed in pain. Now he is doing whatever I want.

6. I hang around in sweats all day. Then 10 minutes before DH gets home from work, I put on some sexy pair of jeans and a cute top. Some might think this is laziness -- I think it's genius.

7. To my beloved arrogant teenage sons: payback comes tonight for all the gross or frustrating things you do. Your preteen sister is having 15 friends over ... and I'm not forewarning you. Love, Mommy

8. If they ever make it possible to prove whose Facebook pages you've been cruising, I'll have a lot of explaining to do.

9. I stuck a hundred-dollar bill in my neighbor's mailbox yesterday because she just lost her job and I know she was already broke. DH would kill me if he found out -- we can't really afford it.

10. I have been forced to conclude that the reason kids have so much energy is because they siphon it out of their parents like midget gasoline thieves.

11. We had a new mattress and boxspring delivered, and when the delivery guys picked up the existing mattress to remove it, my "Blue Thunder" vibrator was under the mattress.

12. When I send thank-you notes to people I don't like, I dump an ass-load of glitter or confetti in the envelope just to passive-aggressively piss them off.

13. My DH just tweeted how awesome it's going to be to come home to a home-cooked meal today. I wonder where he's going, and if he'll bring me back a plate ...

14. My number one reason for not wanting to have a third baby is that I pee my pants pretty much every day since my second was born two years ago. At this rate, my kids will soon be more potty-trained than I am.

15. Had to go on a special diet for gestational diabetes. Husband decided to do it with me, which was nice. In three weeks, I've gained 4 pounds and he's lost 15. This is why we hate men.

16. I am drafting a document so pointless and boring (that I know no one is ever going to read) that I am tempted to insert dirty words at random just to see if anyone notices. Too bad that would get me fired. Penis.

17. I do the income taxes every year, and I lie to my husband about how much we get back. I keep over half for myself (sometimes more).

18. I'm sick and tired of sanctimonious cloth diaper-users. You're really going to think you're better than me because of where your kid happens to shit? Shit's shit, honey, no matter where it lands.

19. I pretend I'm Julia Child when I cook and vocalize everything I'm doing in a silly accent. Shut up, it's fun.

20. Sometimes if I find myself alone with one person in an elevator, I like to smile at them very happily until they notice and then say, "I've got new socks."

21. I have a designated plucker. If I'm ever in a coma,  my plucker promises to pluck my chin, eyebrow, and mustache hair when she visits me in the hospital. I will for her if she is in a coma. Important stuff!

22. I misdialed a 800# at work and accidentally called a sex hotline. On speakerphone. In a conference room full of people. Awesome.

23. Sometimes I can't be bothered to speak to people, so I pretend to have not seen them.

24. I dyed my hair its original color. I then ran around town telling people I was happy that the carpet matched the drapes. I thought the carpet meant eyebrows.

25. DS flushed his fishy down the potty today. He cried and asked to call heaven so he knows fishy made it. Called my dad and he acted like God. Made DS feel sooo much better.

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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Oh my goodness some of these were hilarious!

Stacey. Stacey.

These are awesome especially #9 and #12.

nonmember avatar terry77

Thank u for the laughs. Needed them!!

nonmember avatar Cass

Seriously? It's somehow good and funny to conceal money from your significant other and spend it on yourself or give away money you don't have without discussing it? I may only be sixteen, but the idea of hiding anything from your spouse is utterly deplorable to me. A husband is not around simply to make the money and shut up. A couple is supposed to be a team. Instead, these confessions show nothing but women far too concerned with their own interests, at the expense of their unfortunate husbands.

AliNo... AliNoelle

#16 was great lol! I love ScaryMommy!!! Yeah shut up Cass.

Mrswbray Mrswbray

Cass, I thought teenagers had a sense of humor. Why don't you work on that?

xoRay... xoRaychlXo

Wow, I thought moms were supposed to be role models, seems the only role modeling I see here is moms bashing on a teen who IS BTW RIGHT! just sayin', your job as a parent, you failed.

paren... parentalrights1

Yep the teen is the most intelligent person in the blog right now (well no offense to those who found the blog funny. Just those who apparently think it's acceptable to hide money from your spouse.)

Yes number 17 was not funny and neither was the one about putting 100 dollars in someone's mailbox without the consent of your spouse when you can't afford it. It's not cute. It's not funny. The rest of the blog is mostly funny, but being a greedy freakin' idiot wife is not. You both earn that money and you both have a right to know exactly how much there is without the other being trifling and selfish. Period. Take some lessons from the teenager ladies.

paren... parentalrights1

And the teen spoke the most grown up too. Sad.

nonmember avatar Angela

Holy crap can the Oh so intelligent people simmer down. This is funny, it was written to be funny, take it as it is! And to the 16 year old who finds anything on here deplorable....I got nothing, what a joke, can't evne take her comments seriously as she is only 5 years older than my daughter lol.

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