Adele's Incredible Slimdown Won't Last

adeleIt's not difficult to argue Adele might just be the most successful singer of 2011. But the woman has definitely had her struggles this year, too, like the throat surgery she recently underwent and -- whew! -- recovered from. Now, after unfortunately having to cancel some shows and disappoint some fans, Adele has returned! She tweeted a photo of herself in her signature beehive hairdo and winged eyeliner letting us know that she's "Back on the grind ... Merry Christmas!" Yippee for her!

But, oh, wait ... we're not talking about her recovery or the fact that she's back to biz, huh? Everyone seems to want to discuss how this one photo makes her face look notably thinner. OMG, STOP THE PRESSES. "Voluptuous, curvy" (which, in Hollywood euphemism-speak, usually means "chubby, not conventionally attractive") Adele might just be flirting with a full-on slimdown!! 

... Or not.


Perhaps she just looks like a young woman who had a surgical procedure. What I see in the pic is someone who's getting back to work, despite probably not feeling 100 percent herself quite yet. In all these "comparison" shots -- "Thin Adele!" vs. "Previous Adele!" -- it seems like she was a lot glowier, her complexion was rosier, and she looks happier and healthier in the old shots. And that's to be expected, cause the woman just had a major operation! Any related weight loss isn't something for us to "ooh" and "ahhh," applaud, or envy. It's a side effect.

I speak from experience. About nine years ago, I was in car accident that left me with a ton of dental damage. I needed about a year's worth of painful cosmetic dental surgery, and for those first couple months where I was missing my front teeth and on a liquid/mushy diet, I did especially well on the scale. People in my Weight Watchers meeting at the time were psyched for my "success," but I knew better. That weight loss wasn't genuine. It was circumstantial. Once my mouth was back to normal, I'd have to keep those pounds off in a much more active way, you know?

Sure, if Adele is happening to lose weight in a healthy, proactive way, then cool, more power to her. But for now, it seems there's far too much attention being paid to a piddly picture. It would be heartening if there was just a slight chance we could have a talented songstress like Adele in our pop culture without having to nitpick her every pound. 

What do you think of Adele's "thinner" pic?


Image via Christopher Macsurak/Flickr

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