10 Tips to Tone Your Tuckus (Tush) This Hanukkah

hanukkah menorahHOORAY! Hanukkah 2011 is almost here! Excited Jewish families everywhere are hard at work decorating their Hanukkah bush, stocking up pretty-colored menorah candles, and double-checking their shopping list to make sure everyone's covered.

While Hanukkah time is a fun time, it's also a caloric one. With potato latkes galore and monstrous amounts of gelt staring us in the face, it's easy for us Hanukkah enthusiasts to get carried away.

Fear not, my friends. Check out these 10 realistic* tips for a healthier Hanukkah:

*Some of these tips may make you look a bit foolish. To that, I say L'chaim! It's the holidays!


1. Light the shamash (middle) candle at your friend's house down the street, and walk it over to your own. Tell the fam it's a new fun "special Hanukkah ceremony" and no one will think of it as weird, I promise.

2. Dance along intensely to one of these fantastic Hanukkah songs. Or all of them, if you choose.

3. Make enough latkes for the entire neighborhood. Grating all those potatoes has got to burn some calories, right? Just make sure not to eat 'em all in the process!

4. At the dinner table, sit next to the family member you know will be the most needy. When they ask you to pass the brisket from the other side of the table, get up and retrieve it for them.

5. That challah bread isn't going to slice itself. Slice a piece and do 15 jumping jacks. Slice the next and do 10 bicep curls using the applesauce jar as a weight. Repeat.

6. Store the family's presents up a flight of stairs somewhere. The extra cardio will help get your rear into gear.

7. Avoid the sufganiyot. Yes, this Jewish twist on a classic donut is delicious. However, it's HORRIBLE for you. Opt for someapple sauce instead, and reward yourself with good behavior by opening an extra present.

8. Do a mitzvah by volunteering to play around with the kiddos. All that tag and dreidel spinning is sure to make you break a sweat.

9. Light a few extra menorahs around the house and crank up the heat. Voila! You've got a Hanukkah holiday sauna.

10. Clean-up is all yours, you meshugenah. Transporting stacked dishes from the table to the sink makes for bigger biceps!

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How are you celebrating Hanukkah this year?


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