'DWTS' Fans Will Want to Slim Down With Kirstie Alley's New Workout

kirstie alley on dancing with the starsFor once, actress, reality show star, and Scientologist Kirstie Alley is doing something that isn't making me roll my eyes. We all know just how inspired Kirstie was by her time on Dancing With the Stars, right? She really put her heart, soul, and feet into the competition, and, well, it showed! Back when she first lost the weight, I couldn't help but wonder how she planned to maintain without the constant cardio dancing provides. Now, we have the answer ...

Kirstie's starting a campaign in the new year called 100 Days of Dance. She's encouraging people to adopt an active lifestyle by pledging to dance for at least 30 minutes each day for 100 consecutive days, starting January 1. Uh, can you say, brilliant?!


If you pledge to get involved, you get to see Kirstie's daily dance videos! (Ooooh, will she bring out the crazy!? Well, the campaign is "brought to you by Organic Liaison" ... aka her crazy Scientology-backed diet plan ... ) She also invites participants to upload their own vids to the campaign's site. So, it's not just about promoting dance as part of a healthy lifestyle, but it's creating a whole community around the practice, which is actually really smart. I know I'm more likely to stick to something if we know we have support from others.

Furthermore, dancing is the perfect workout, as far as I'm concerned. It almost NEVER feels like work ... It's just plain fun, which is something experts are always saying is a must with any workout. You have to feel like you're just doing something you love, so not only does the time fly, but chances are, you'll stay committed to the activity. Also, I love that Kirstie's spreading the word that you don't have to be on a competition show like DWTS to take advantage of all of the benefits dancing offers, like cardio, even toning, endorphins flying every which way, coordination, sex appeal ... woo woo! Seriously -- I know someone who got in shape with a workout that strictly entailed cranking up music and dancing for about 30 minutes to an hour in her apartment.

Having had the chance to dance with the stars was an amazing opportunity for Kirstie, but what's even better is that she's taken what she's learned and turned it into a longer-term, bigger picture plan. Clearly, she realizes there are just as many pluses to dancing with yourself!

Is dance one of your favorite workouts? Do you think you might participate in 100 Days of Dance?


Image via ABC

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