Woman Who Posted on Craigslist for a Kidney Is a Genius

hospitalBesides being the go-to website for gently used furniture, vacation rentals, and apartment shares, Craigslist is now the site to search for all your human organ needs. And not in a black market I-need-a-human-heart-to-make-a-spell type way, but in a legit, people-helping-people kind of way. It happened recently in Florida. Twenty-eight-year-old Selina Hodge, exhausted by her fruitless search for a kidney donation, posted an appeal on Craigslist. Believe it or not, she got a bevy of responses. Apparently, there are some amazing people out there who selflessly want to help others, even if it requires major surgery, a week in the hospital, and tons of risks in the present and future.

You'll never believe how many people offered Hodge their kidney!


Not 10, not 100, not 500, but 800 people responded to her Craiglist ad for a kidney. I find that not only incredibly shocking, but incredibly inspiring. We read so often about the bad eggs in our society that it's nice to read something about the hundreds of good eggs out there. Good eggs with good kidneys.

Stephanie Grant, 23, was the hero who was selected to give this gift of love because she lived just a few miles from Hodge. The two 20-somethings underwent the transplant and, so far, both are doing great.

What an incredible act of kindness, courage, and altruism. Stephanie, like all donors, should get some sort of medal for her generosity of spirit. Or a puppy. Or a puppy and a kitten. Or a hug from Ryan Gosling. Something! Of course, there's no tangible gift that anyone can give an organ donor that will match their benevolence, but I suppose people like Stephanie don't really need anything in return. The gift of giving is enough for people like her. May Stephanie and Selina lead strong and healthy lives, and may there always be hundreds of responses when anyone posts "Young Person Needs Kidney" on Craigslist.

Has your life been touched by an organ donor?


Photo via Parker Michael Knight/Flickr

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