Best Celebrity Slim-Downs of 2011 (PHOTOS)

kirstie alley slimmed down on dancing with the stars2011 may have shaken things up with a Kardashian media takeover, the Charlie Sheen meltdown, and the royal wedding, but in at least one way, it wasn't much different from years past. Celebs continued to fight to be the most fit on glossy magazine pages and red carpets. That's Hollywood for ya! And in the slimming stars game, there were lotsa losers ...

As far as I'm concerned, those who dropped the pounds in a semi-healthy way -- by working out more and kicking poor nutrition to the curb -- are the ones who deserve the end-of-the-year props. Here, five of the most admirable celeb fitness transformations of 2011. Let's count 'em down!


5. Mariah Carey - While carrying her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, the famous diva had some major health challenges, such as gestational diabetes. And our hearts went out to her for enduring what sounded like a pretty tough pregnancy. But since July, she's lost 30 pounds, and she claims to have done it in a totally down-to-earth way -- by eating 1,500 calories a day and exercising three times a week. Sounds like an effort worthy of a standing ovation to me.

Before & after:

Mariah Carey on cover of 'US weekly'

4. Ricki Lake - So many of us can relate to Ricki, who has struggled with her weight her entire life. Kinda bummed about a few pounds she had put on over the years, the actress signed up to be on this past season of Dancing With the Stars for a specific reason: to shape up. And that she did -- dropping more than 20 pounds, thanks to the combo of all that dancing and eating right (she used a food preparation service many of the competitors also join to save time). She may have come in third on the DWTS finale, but she says shaping up was enough an award anyway!


Ricki Lake on her first week of dancing with the stars


3. Kirstie Alley - Like Ricki Lake, Kirstie dropped her weight (yes, again) on Dancing With the Stars. (She also credits her odd Scientology diet program, Organic Liaison, which Kelly Preston supposedly dropped her baby weight on, too, but you know, take that with a grain of salt ... ) You do have to hand it to her: The results were stunning.


kirstie alley dancing with the stars week one


Kirstie Alley post-weight loss

2. Raven-Symone - Having been in the spotlight since she was a kiddo, the actress says she was always under a lot of pressure. The key to shedding extra pounds? She just "stopped stressing." And I love that she's maintained a healthy body image all along the way, remarking, "I find it funny that people now come up to me and say, 'Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous.' I'm like, 'I was beautiful before I lost weight.'" That's right!


raven symone in 2010


Raven Symone in Upscale magazine

1. Jonah Hill - Without a doubt, the Judd Apatow staple-turned-Get Him to the Greek star was the most SHOCKING weight loss success story to come out of Tinseltown all year. Maybe it's a wee bit sexist, but we usually expect chubby, hilarious guys to stay that way, since it seems to be part of their shtick. But Hill wasn't having any of that. He started seeing a nutritionist and working out with a trainer, and even admits that it's not a fun endeavor, but it's important and he's enjoying it. Thank goodness for funny guys who keep it real.


Jonah Hill before weight loss


Jonah hill post-weight loss

Who's your favorite celeb who got fit in 2011?

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