Fantastic Video Nails Embarrassing Female Behavior (VIDEO)

We women are too funny. We all say the same things (no way!), worry about the same things (did I leave the stove on?), and use the same inflections in our voices. Don't believe me? this hilarious video featuring Juliette Lewis called Sh!t Girls Say pretty much nails female mannerisms and behavior to an embarrassing degree.

Apparently we ladies all talk the same, laugh the same, and act the same. It's frighteningly accurate. How many times do you squeal when you see your friends? Say the same kinds of expressions with the same valley girl intonations and worry about the same mundane details about home life (did I leave that candle burning?).

It's funny because it's true. See below:


Are we really so easy and predictable? Yes, yes we are. As funny as it is, it's also sort of sad. You will note all the sayings in the video end with an upward inflection in the voice. In other words, women are always questioning themselves and all of their behaviors.

Have you ever, like, noticed that? 

This is a funny video and it's certainly very true, but on some level, I worry men might use it to demean women or not to laugh with us, but at us. We ladies can look at all of our female friends and see the truth -- the self-doubting, the nervous laughter, the valley girl accents, the squealing. But men may merely find these behaviors annoying.

On the other hand, it's sort of empowering to know we're all a little alike. We are alive and fun and hilarious, aren't we? We all need female friends, too. After all, who else is going to squeal and wave their arms when we walk into a room?

Does this video nail you?


Image via YouTube

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