O.B.'s Goofy Apology for Missing Tampons Will Make You Forgive Them

ob tamponsIt's been a lousy year for some tampon users. Supplies of the applicator-less tampon O.B. in "Ultra" disappeared from shelves back in fall 2010. This is the only size that works for some women. For those of us who want to cut down on waste and are okay with touching our yonnis during that time of the month, this was a disaster. How big? $80 box of tampons on eBay big.

But starting in mid-2012, the tampons are back -- plus, O.B. has an apology for all of you! And not just any apology: A super-special apology personalized with your name. It's such a good apology, people were passing it around on Facebook all weekend, even sharing it with non-tampon-wearers (i.e., men). Does O.B. owe YOU an apology? Check this out.


O.B. has set up a custom apology portal. Write in your name and this rugged-yet-sensitive dude will sing you a song on a white baby grand on a cliff overlooking a beach. You will see your name spelled out in rose petals, and a tattoo, and a balloon in the sky. Oh my god, just for ME?!? YES! Just for YOU! Because you are that special! And O.B. is that sorry.

All I can say is, this is the least they can do. Loyal O.B. users (seriously, it's like a cult following) have been pissed beyond PMS levels over this debacle. Coming at us with a little humor helps diffuse a bit of the anger (though not all). Offering a coupon at the end of the video sweetens it a little more.

O.B. is still being vague about the reasons behind the Ultra disappearance. The company said it was a "supply disruption." Oof, that sounds like code for "something so scary we don't want you to know about it." But whatever, Ultra is almost back and O.B. is almost forgiven. And I entertained myself at their expense for a good 15 minutes this weekend. Thanks, O.B.!

Do you use O.B. tampons? What did you do when the Ultra supplies ran out?

Image via eBay

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