'Yoga Girl' Rap Mocks a Workout People Take Way Too Seriously (VIDEO)

Yoga girl music videoI love working out, but I've never really been able to dive head first into the yoga thing. Trust me, I've tried. When I did, I skipped straight to Bikram (hot) yoga and almost burst out laughing the first time the instructor -- excuse me, yogi -- told me to make whatever noises felt natural.

Whether you're into yoga or not, you have to see this hilarious video from California production team Fog & Smog for their new song "Yoga Girl." The lead guy, Dave, first made waves with his too-true-for-words rap "Whole Foods Parking Lot." Now he's back again, diving into the mind and habits of a yoga fanatic, from the Toms they typically wear to the vegan cookies they so often eat. See what I mean, here:


Lyrics like these are the ones that get me:

You need some mat space, go on, be about it!
It’s just that vinny’s class gets so damn crowded
I know, that’s what I heard, it gets pretty tight
What’s up for later though, you wanna try to grab a bite?

And then there's these:

'Cause I love it when you call me big Ba Ba
I wanna explore your Bodhisattva, unblock my chakras
You’ve got my fourth level exposed when you fold those LuLulemons in a bow pose
You’re like a MODEL with that metal water bottle always with you
I wanna be SLEEPING Vishnu.

Can't. Stop. Laughing. This man knows what he's talking about, almost too well. He has a point, though, there's just so much wacky terminology and stereotypes that go along with being a "yoga girl." I admit, I too have a pair (or five) of those teensy leggings the girls are wearing in the video and walk around carrying a metal water bottle. Hey, when you find something that works, you stick with it. I don't care who makes fun of my sweating style!

While yoga may not be my favorite workout out there, the hilarious stereotypes these guys highlighted won't keep me away from Bikram for long. It burns wayyyyy too many calories to give up.

Are you a fan of yoga?


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