Britney Spears Firing Her Trainer Doesn't Mean She'll Get Fat

britney spears in concertLet's face it -- Britney Spears may never again be as fit as she was when she was at the peak of her career. The fact is, those six-pack abs she once slaved over aren't exactly at the top of her priority list anymore. The proof: She recently fired her celeb trainer Derek DeGrazio, and according to InTouch, the split was "amicable." B decided she just didn't want to have to worry about every thing she was eating anymore, and on the other hand, Derek "felt Britney made him look bad when she cheated on her diet."

Oh geeze! Good thing these two called it quits, because their trainer-client relationship sounds TOXIC. Here's the thing ... we know Brit Brit doesn't have the best track record with food. If years' worth of paparazzi pics prove anything, we know her tastes veer less toward green juice and carrots and more toward Big Gulps and Cheetos. So, parting with a hands-on trainer/nutritionist and getting a bit lax with her diet could very well have some "weighty" repercussions.


But so what? She's a 30-year-old woman, and at this point, she's gotta realize that her physical fitness is very much linked to her career. If she wants to sustain it, she's gonna have to put in the work.

Maybe she just wants to relax a bit and try to work on her fitness on her own, without being dragged to the gym by a cocky celebrity babysitter. According to the insider who spoke with InTouch, "she knows Jason [Trawick] loves her no matter what and he has encouraged her not to stress about it." Awww. The guy does have a point -- stress isn't going to help anything. To get results from eating healthy and working out, you have to be making a conscious choice to shape up. Feeling forced to do it seems like it would make the entire effort counterproductive ... not to mention, that sets you up to fail by rebelling at some point, which of course isn't healthy at all!

Anyway, just because Brit's let DeGrazio go doesn't mean she'll subsist on a diet of gas station snacks from now on, you know. I doubt Brit will abandon good nutrition and a regular fitness regimen altogether, because that's definitely not what's best for anyone (let alone a pop star who makes her living off of looking good on camera and in front of live audiences). But if a little less intensity is what the woman needs right now, it seems to me everyone should just leave Britney alone!

Do you think Britney was smart to fire her trainer? Do you agree you have to be invested in a workout/diet plan to make it work?


Image via steven.ishiwara/Flickr

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