Hilarious Woman Dances on the Treadmill (VIDEO)

Runners tend to be pretty committed to their style of running, and I am an outdoor kind of girl. I didn't start out that way. I used to run on the treadmill and enjoy it, but once I took my runs off the repetitive conveyor belt -- I prefer to refer to it as "the dreadmill" -- I never looked back.

In the gym, there are spinning and yoga classes, step mills and weight machines, and plenty of other pieces of equipment to make me happy. Every once in a while on an extremely rainy or freezing cold day or a day when I can't find childcare (my gym has a daycare), I will wimp out and jump on ye olde dreadmill.

I only wish the person next to me were doing awesome dance moves on the treadmill. Only that never happens. Right? Right? Oh wait! It did happen! See below (*Warning: There is some cursing in the video):


This woman has talent, right? I could totally see this as a new workout. Having taken everything from Urban Rebounding (a class taught on mini-trampolines) to spinning and Zumba, I am highly motivated to find something new. So why not do dancing on a treadmill?

OK, most of us would probably fall and break our necks, but we could start slow. This isn't for people who are uncoordinated, but it takes away all that is boring about the treadmill and makes it actually look fun. Who knew?

I want to pay this woman to come to my gym and entertain me. She rocks. She should patent this idea fast before someone else scoops it up. Mark my words, it will happen.

Would you dance on a treadmill?


Image via YouTube

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