Victoria’s Secret Hottie Gets Killer Thighs With One Basic Move (VIDEO)

Erin Heatherton workoutThe 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has come and gone, and I'm still having twangs of jealousy just thinking about it. Watching bombshells like Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, and Chanel Iman strut their stuff on the bedazzled runway sure makes it easy to contemplate hitting the gym super hard every day from now until forever.

Unlike the combination liquid/starvation diet of co-Angel Adriana Lima, model Erin Heatherton got ready for the show by working out hardcore with her trainer, Justin Gelband. After watching a video of her standard sweat sesh, I wish I could tell you it's all fun and games. Sorry, no dice.

The good news? Erin revealed her fave workout move to target those thighs, and it's actually doable. You'll never guess what it involves: 


Ready for it? Sliders. I'm pretty into health and fitness and I've never seen these before. So intriguing! Essentially, they're discs that move freely on the floor and engage your core and stability muscles. Check out Erin working with the sliders here (skip to around 1:35):

The best part is that I bet you don't even have to leave your house to try out the sliders workout yourself. I know I have a few sets of furniture sliders laying around the house, and those gems will work the exact same way. Now, all I need is a killer playlist and I'm ready to start slidin'.

Why not, right? They say that you're supposed to change up your workout routine every four to six weeks to see maximum results anyway. So while I don't expect the average woman to see Victoria's Secret quality gams by week two -- there's no doubt that throwing in sliders could really kick up a gal's fitness game.

I know this: Sitting on the couch complaining to my gal pals about how many moms are Vicki's models sure won't change my muscle tone.

Do you mix up your workout routine?


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