'Miss Butt Brazil' Pageant Is Something I Can Really Get Behind

Ok, admittedly, the photos look bad. The name, Miss Bum Bum Brazil, is worse. And the promo photo of all the contestants posed together as if they are the apostles in Da Vinci's "Last Supper" is really on the wrong side of the line. The concept is completely gratuitous and degrading. While scrolling through the photos, I was wondering, why on earth am I not completely offended? And then it hit me. I'm Latina and, generally speaking, we are a little obsessed with our butts. Jennifer Lopez anyone? Shakira? These are women who are proud to be round.

Get past the boobs and the high heels in these photos and what you will see is a culture of people celebrating some big ol' butt!


In contrast to all the photos coming out of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, these women are, well, fuller. See through the stupid, I'm-so-sexy poses and see healthy skin color and soft flesh, with no bones in sight! And while you are at it, stop being offended that these girls are in high heels and tiny bathing suits because the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show is no better just because Adam Levine performed.

We are so obsessed with body image in this country that it made big news this week that everyone's favorite Bridesmaid (although she will always be Suki to me) Melissa McCarthy isn't making her weight a priority. Shocking! And here is Brazil showing us once again why we should lighten up about our bodies. It’s only a butt, people. We all have them.

I am the first one to start screaming about the Latina stereotypes out there and how things like this just perpetuate the idea that we are all sexy hot tamales. We are not. And I much prefer the Sara Ramirez role model to the Sofia Vergara modern day Charo, and even I am telling you, it is ok that Brazil has a pageant that celebrate butts. Today, take five minutes to celebrate your own butt. And admit you are as obsessed with it. We all are.

Are you offended by the Miss Bum Bum Brazil Pageant?

Image via bradleygee/Flickr

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