Melissa McCarthy Is Too Busy & Happy to Get Skinny

melissa mccarthyAs far as Melissa McCarthy is concerned, people who think she should be thinner can kiss her plus-size tushie. Actually, she put that a little more politely when Anderson Cooper interviewed her on CNN Monday. Does she worry about not being Hollywood-skinny? She's dying of shame, right? She's terrified she'll never get another good role, right? Nope. As a red-hot comic star with two kids, a husband, and soon a plus-size line, she says, "I just can't put any time to worrying about it."

Wait, what? Is she even allowed to say that out loud?!? Not worry about your weight -- because everything else in your life is so awesome? Sign me up! It's one thing to "have it all" -- career, family, taut knees. It's another thing to be imperfect and not tear your hair over it. I don't know what Melissa's BMI is, but I think her attitude is off-the-charts healthy.


I'm imagining the part of the interview Anderson's producer must have edited out: "What, me worry about all the ingenue roles I'm missing out on because I get stuck with all these fantastic, award-winning roles as a woman-of-substance? Nah. Who me? Sit by the phone pining because Rachel Zoe won't sign up to be my stylist? Can't be bothered! Worry that I'll never have Gwyneth Paltrow thighs? Who has the time?" And then Melissa blows some invisible dust off her Emmy statuette and polishes it once more upon her ample bosom.

As far as she's concerned, her body is a "work in progress." She's not saying she doesn't try to eat right or doesn't exercise at all because she's too busy with her career and family. She's vague on the details except to say she's "working on" her body. But "working on" and "worrying about" are two different things.

Is that even possible? Is anyone else doing this -- "working on" their bodies in a worry-less state of mind? Because I would love to learn how to do that. Like most moms, I'm too busy to "worry" about my weight, too. BUT I WORRY ANYWAY. It's like Melissa is both busy and GRATEFUL for what's going well in her life. And that's why, despite her shape, I think Melissa must be the healthiest woman in Hollywood.

Do you think Melissa's attitude is healthy, or do you think she should be more worried about her weight?


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