Naked Yoga Is Tame Compared to These 8 Workouts

kim kardashian naked yogaOn last night's premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, the girls got their downward dog on with a naked yoga instructor. Kourt told the cameras, "I just wanna do something fun to lighten up the mood." Although the plan backfired when Kim's (now former) hubby Kris Humphries walked in on the scantily clad yoga session and was less than pleased, the whole scenario did get me thinking. Wow, there are certainly some CRAZY things people will do to get fit, eh? I don't know about you, but there's no amount of money that someone could pay me to strip down with some man I don't know in the name of a good workout.

Yes, naked yoga is a bit on the odd side. However, it's nothing compared to these eight other wacky workout classes across the country.


1. Boing With Kangoo: Offered at Crunch gyms, this class has gym-goers strapping on Kangoo Jumps (essentially Inspector Gadget looking bouncy Rollerblades sans wheels) and exercising.

2. Stiletto Bootcamp Workout: Are you one of those girls who say heels don't faze you? Try working out in them for an hour, and then maybe you'll be saying something different. I tried this fun class at NDG Wellness here in New York City, and the intense leg work left me dripping with sweat and sore for days.

3. Floating Yoga Class: Floating yoga brings everyone's favorite calming activity to the waterfront. These classes are growing in popularity from Hawaii to Florida and involve doing all the classic poses atop a paddle board.

4. Urban Rebounding: Also offered at Crunch, this workout "simulates the rigors of city life using a mini trampoline." Who doesn't like to pretend they're a kiddo again and bounce around for an hour? Sign me up!

5. Karaoke Spinning: I like karaoke. I like spinning. I think of doing both at once, though, and I'm already out of breath. The class encourages participants to sing while getting their spin on and is making its big debut in cities all across the U.S.

6. I Gallop: OK, so this is a machine, not a class. However, it's way too hilarious not to include here. The I Gallop is supposed to simulate horseback riding, while working your buns, thighs, and abs. Sorry, but it just looks all sorts of dirty to me.

7. Hoopnotica Hula Hooping: Meet every little girl's dream workout class: A cardio workout that involves a hula hoop! I couldn't believe how widespread and popular these classes are, where the goals are to strengthen your core and calm your mind.

8. Napping Class: Ahhh, a personal favorite. Participants in this class at a Charlotte, North Carolina gym spend 25 minutes napping in hanging cocoons. Paying to nap next to strangers? Sounds like a grand ol' time to me!

I'm all for mixing up my gym routine. Sure, some of these classes are weird, but they also sound like an absolute blast! Take a look at Kourtney and Kim mixing things up from last night's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York:

Have you ever tried any of these wacky fitness classes? Would you?

Image via Celebuzz

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