The Secret to Happiness: Turn Off the TV

TV, televisionThe happiest people do not watch TV. They turn TV off and do other things.

Watching Oprah makes me awfully happy. And I am not the only CafeMom with a gleeful addiction to 90210, just check out the CafeMom group The New 90210.


But here's a rundown of what happy people do, and do not do, according to a new study at the University of Maryland.

Happy people like to:

  • Visit others
  • Go to church
  • Read newspapers
  • Have sex
  • Work

Supposedly, unhappy people tend to watch more TV because they're unemployed, and they're not thrilled about that, or they might not engage as much socially.

Shhh. Let's not tell Cafe Michelle L about this--I love her awesome Entertainment Buzz. What do you think? Do happy people watch less TV?

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