Warning: 'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene May Cause Seizures

Breaking Dawn birth scene

Anyone who has seen Breaking Dawn: Part One already knows Bella's birth scene is pretty hard core as it is with all that blood, screaming and chewing going on down there. Heck, giving birth for real is excruciating and bloody enough. Even this mom who's been through it twice gets the shivers thinking about it. So I can see how a lot of people may get squeamish and even turn their heads -- but I had not idea that the birth scene could actually cause seizures and make moviegoers faint on the floor. Wow, the power that is Twilight. It's happening.

(Spoilers below, proceed with caution ...)


There've been at least two reports of men having been forced to go the movie with their girlfriends or wives and passing out during the scene where the heroine Bella gives birth to her half-human, half-vampire baby daughter Renesmee Cullen in he most horrific of all births. The baby is virtually eating her mother from the inside, so proud vampire daddy Edward has to literally chew the monstrosity out of the mother's womb before it's too late.

The scene is filmed entirely from Bella's perspective, with lots of red, black and white flashing lights -- which is apparently what seems to be causing the seizures. It's called photosensitive epilepsy, a sensitivity to flashing lights, particularly those colors. It's so rare, and linked to genetics, that you often don't even know you have it until you're exposed to a very specific situation like this with flashing lights of certain colors.

Either that or it's all just a big cover-up for all the guys who are too wimpy to watch a woman give birth. Men are such big babies.

Did you think the Breaking Dawn birth scene was bad enough to cause people to faint?

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