Annoying Day-After Thanksgiving Chores Are Awesome Calorie Burners

leavesAfter gobbling down a heaping slab of white meat, two helpings of stuffing, three scoops of sweet potatoes, and six not-so-slender slices of pie, you waddled away from the Thanksgiving table feeling like you were the turkey. And now that all those calories have come home to roost, you're feeling even worse. But the kids are off from school, you've got a million things to do around the house, and you're hoping to get to the mall for some of those Black Friday sales -- how on earth are you going to make it to the gym?

Forget the gym: You can burn off calories as you do your chores -- a total twofer! Here's how you can get back in shape and lose that turkey belly by the time the holiday weekend wraps up and it's time to slide out of those stretchy pants and into something a little more presentable (calories are all based on a weight of 150 pounds):


Washing dishes: Standing at the sink and rinsing and scrubbing all those serving platters and fancy tableware, and even loading the dishwasher, helps burn calories -- about 120 per hour -- the equivalent of one very lightly buttered dinner roll.

Vacuuming: Cleaning up all those cornbread crumbs your Thanksgiving dinner guests left behind works your upper body and gets you up and moving. It also burns about 225-240 calories an hour -- the equivalent of those two glasses of wine you drank with dinner.

Doing laundry: Washing and folding clothes -- with all that bending and hoisting and schlepping -- burns about 144 calories an hour, the equivalent of about a half a cup of mashed potatoes (without gravy).

Raking leaves: You'll burn a whopping 342 calories per hour (as many as are in about six ounces of turkey) raking up all those pretty fall leaves.

Driving to the mall: When you hop into the car and hightail it to the mall, you can expect to burn 144 calories per hour (about a half a cup of candied sweet potatoes). And that's not even counting the calories you'll burn running around looking for those big-time bargains. The more you shop, the more you save -- and the more you burn!

You could also get really ambitious and play touch football in the yard with your kids (549 calories per hour!). Or could just sneak away and take a nap; you'll only burn 63 calories, but you'll sure enjoy doing it!

What's your favorite way of burning off all those post-Thanksgiving calories?


Image via Dan4th/Flickr

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