Jessica Simpson's Post-Baby Weight Deal Would Be a Big Fat Mistake

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson hasn't even had her baby yet (she's due in the spring), and already, there have been rumors that she may be looking to drop her baby weight with Weight Watchers. Argh! And we thought we could rest easy that Jess was FINALLY cool with not being a rail-thin Daisy Dukes-wearing twig anymore. Well, the good news is that a source recently told E! News that "there is no Weight Watchers deal." But let's hope that remains the case, because the rumored agreement sounded like a total nightmare.

The $4 million contract was said to require Jess to "lose a significant amount of weight" within one year of giving birth. And, of course, would have to do the usual celeb spokesperson dog and pony show, where she trots out on national TV in a figure-hugging outfit and gushes about how happy she is now that she's dropped X pounds.


Deal or no deal, there's gotta be some truth to these proposed terms -- they wouldn't just be reported out of the blue -- but hopefully the details are why Jess turned the deal down (if she was considering it all).

Doesn't it just strike you as desperate of Weight Watchers to hunt down a celeb to commit to dropping her baby weight for a hefty sum, well before she's even given birth? What's more, obligating Jess to lose "a significant amount of weight" within one year is purely asinine and SO hypocritical. They're supposed to be about healthy, sustainable weight loss -- not "quick tricks" or stringent timelines. Add in the fact that she'll also be a new, first-time mother -- someone in my mind has a lot of more important things to worry about in her baby's first year than fitting into a size 2 ASAP! -- and the deal seems all the sicker.

Let's be honest. Like most of us, Jess will obviously want to shed the added pounds she's putting on during this pregnancy, but hopefully she sticks to the story she's been telling about being happy at a normal (not "Hollywood normal") size. Clearly, signing a deal with Weight Watchers wouldn't give her the freedom to do that. So even when the timing does seem to make more sense, I really hope she steers clear!

What do you think about the deal Weight Watchers allegedly offered Jess?


Image via Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow/Splash

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