Weight Loss Is Easier BEFORE the Holidays, Not After Them

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Guess what I'm doing this Thanksgiving weekend? Cooking. And eating. And eating. And EA-TING. But also working out! Don't laugh -- I swear, I am! This year I am stepping up my nearly non-existent workout routine between Thanksgiving and New Year's. This sounds totally counter-intuitive, I know. It's like I'm living in Opposite Land. I'm in a parallel universe where people get skinny eating gingerbread houses, right?

But it makes sense to me because I'm totally unrealistic and insane new to strength training and am excited about going to the gym. What's motivating me? The totally bizarre discovery that I can wake up early, work out for an hour or so, and feel totally alert the whole day. WEIRD! For a flabby non-exerciser, that's amazing. I will probably never feel this way about working out again! I must work out NOW before I start hating it! Which will surely happen someday, soon! So what's my plan? Read on.


Before this month I just kinda, sorta did yoga. Once a week -- maybe, if I got around to it. I also did a lot of walking, around 30 minutes three times a week. But I turned (undisclosed number) this year and suddenly my metabolism slowed down. I had to do something ... after summer. And then November rolled around and I ran out of excuses. So I joined a gym and then I signed up for a brief series with a trainer -- because I had no idea how to use any of those machines.

Supposedly, strength-training is the fastest way to lose weight. So says Women's Health. Whether you're trying to lose weight or, in my case, trying not to gain this season, fitness seems to be key. I figure, have the gravy and pie, but work a little harder, right? That's this fitness expert's idea, and I'm going with it.

Now where to find the time? This is where getting up earlier comes in. I had always assumed that, being part vampire, I would shrivel up and die if I ventured forth from my bed any earlier than 8:00 a.m. But surprise, surprise! I tried getting up extra early and did not instantly turn into dust! It's just so freakin' weird that I feel compelled to repeat it again and again to make sure it's not a fluke. (Maybe I'm not part-vampire after all?)

I'll let you in on another tip -- the gym is empty this time of year. Okay, not empty empty, but it's the least-busy season for gyms. So it's good to get in now, while everyone else is "too busy" or waiting until their New Year's resolutions. Yeah, so just when it starts getting crowded at the gym again, I will have lost my enthusiasm gained enough confidence to keep going. Think I can do it?

Are you changing your fitness routine around the holidays?


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