How to Get Sofia Vergara's Expensive Workout Tool for Free

sophia vergaraTo say that Sofia Vergara has a bangin' bod would be an understatement. The Modern Family star has all of the killer curves a la Kim Kardashian, without the unnecessary drama to go with 'em. One would think that she must work her tail feather off to keep her figure in check. Vergara told that, yes, she works out, but man oh man, does she hate it:

"It's paaaaaainful," the 39-year-old actress said. "I hired Gunnar Peterson, which is really fun. Because I mean, if I go alone, I'll sabotage myself. I'll do half of the workout. So I need somebody to force me to do it."

Amen sista, I can totally sympathize with you. Especially after a long day of work and errands -- the last thing I want to do is hit the gym.

However, while having a partner in crime can make things much more fun and motivating at the gym, there are ways to squeeze in personal training results without buddying up and, even worse, paying the expensive fees.


1. Head on over to YouTube: There are LOADS and loads of fitness instructional videos and workout ideas on YouTube. My favorite thing about using the site as a source is being able to watch someone's technique, and then re-watch the video again without having to ask and feel embarrassed. Some of my YouTube go-tos include Ask The Trainer, Modern Mom, and the full yoga workouts from Yogi Esther Ekhart. Take what you learn online into the gym, and soon people will be asking you for tips!

2. Work the system: Loads of gyms offer one free personal training session/evaluation so you can learn what going through the motions would actually be like if you were to sign up. I took my gym up on this offer a little over a year ago. The trainer showed me a few sets of exercises that I could use to target my stubborn trouble spots, and even though I didn't sign up, I do them routinely to this day.

3. Mix things up: If you're the kind of person who does the same exact thing every time you work out, then you may stop seeing results and plateau. Make the most of your gym time by mixing up your routine. Try something that's usually not your shtick, like yoga or running, and you may realize there is a way to tone those gams you never knew existed.

4. Ask for help: In my gym, there are about 50 different machines I've never touched, simply because I'm not exactly sure how to work them. While it may be a bit intimidating, asking a staff member what a machine is and how it works could be the difference between weak arms and sculpted biceps. That is what you're paying for with your membership, after all.

5. Timing is everything: I'm going to let you in on a little secret that's completely revolutionized my time at the gym: Divide and conquer. If I know the goal is putting in 45 minutes of cardio on any given day, rather than doing it all on the elliptical or the treadmill, I mix it up. Fifteen minutes here and there makes the time go MUCH faster. It also means that you may enjoy yourself more as you get to experience different alternatives and, dare I say it, enjoy going to the gym!

A happy gym-goer is a frequent gym-goer. Trust me: A frequent gym-goer, with time and dedication, will have their own Sofia Vergara-like results worth flaunting. Patience, my friends, patience.

Do you have any motivating tips and tricks for hitting the gym alone?


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