Emotional Herman Cain Reveals Secret Weapon Against Cancer (VIDEO)

herman cain emotional at iowa presidential forumGOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding sexual harassment charges. But on Saturday night, he shifted voters' attention to a different narrative from his past. He opened up about his stage IV cancer diagnosis. Turns out that back in '06, he was diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread to his liver, and at the time, his doctor gave him a 30 percent chance of survival. Although he's often credited his faith with helping him beat the disease, that's not all that got him through it.

At the Iowa Presidential Forum on Saturday night, Cain was totally emotional, holding back tears while he told the story of his diagnosis and suggested how his wife of 43 years, Gloria, played a central role in his recovery.


Here's the video of Cain's breakdown (courtesy of our very own CafeMom Studios!) ...

Yeesh, right? No matter how you might feel about him politically, his story definitely triggers a sniffle, because many of us can relate, having either been in Herman or Gloria's shoes. After being diagnosed with any kind of scary health challenge, it's easy to assume you're flying solo. After all, it's your body, your sickness, your challenge to face, right? But thank goodness we don't have to face these things alone.

We have partners, family, friends to see us through it. And sometimes just knowing you have loved ones for support during your darkest hour with your health makes a major difference.

When I suffered from a severely herniated disc in my lower spine, part of my initial freak-out surrounded feeling alone. I was a thousand miles away from my parents and living in an apartment with roommates I barely knew. But my boyfriend and his family stepped up to the plate and made it a team effort to deal with my pain and the solution -- which ended up being a minimally invasive surgery. Then and now, I can't even express how grateful I am that they basically said, "We can do this."

Similarly, I'm always telling my boyfriend that he shouldn't feel like he's alone in coping with a rare genetic kidney condition called cystinuria, which causes him to chronically pass stones. It's been a joint effort to keep his pain in check and make sure he has the best care. 

Sure, it's hard to be on either side of the equation -- seeing a loved one through sickness or being sick and needing to lean on loved ones when you think it's your fight to face. But in the end, the challenge is worth it, and we're usually better off for offering or allowing ourselves to be offered that kind of support.

What do you think about Herman and Gloria Cain's experience? Do you have a similar story?

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