10 Ways to Get Through Thanksgiving Without Unbuttoning Your Pants

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pumpkin pie thanksgivingThe time is almost upon us. Thanksgiving 2011. Families everywhere are excitedly preparing their holiday menus and the multiple grocery and liquor store shopping lists. But there's one thing we as average human beings cannot prepare for, and that's Thanksgiving calorie overload.

In the moment, it's all worth it. The savory taste of juicy turkey with crispy skin and warm, gooey spoonfuls of Grandma's apple crisp are a MUST-HAVE. You find yourself thinking, A fourth piece of pie can't hurt, right? WRONG. 

So the big question is: What can we do? Fear not, my friends! Check out my 10 realistic* tips for a healthier Thanksgiving:

* Some of these tips may make you look like the biggest fool in your family. Yes, I'm including your booger-eating 6-year-old cousin.

1. Have you ever heard of a turkey trot? Of course you have. Almost EVERY single town has some sort of Thanksgiving 5K road race for charity. Not a big runner? Walking it is usually fair game!

2. Kill time before your guests arrive by doing a couple of stair climbs in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to spruce up again after.

3. Turn up the heat, baby! Crank up that oven so it radiates into your kitchen like a homemade sauna. I can feel the inches melting off my thighs already.

4. Mix up the first side dish, do 15 push-ups. Next side dish, 15 sit-ups. Repeat.

5. Celery is a Thanksgiving hostess' best friend. While the family is downing fatty stuffed mushroom and non-Thanksgiving-related mini hot dogs, stick to the crunchy sticks and burn more calories than you're taking in.

6. That turkey's not going to carve itself. Use the drumstick as a 4-pound weight and do bicep curls while trimming the fat.

7. Strategically sit next to whatever relative of yours is the neediest. Every time they ask for something that's obviously at the other end of the table, stand up and go retrieve it for them.

8. In fact, who sits down and eats meals like a normal person these days? Eat your salad, then do 10 jumping jacks. Taste the turkey, run in place for 5 minutes. Soon, the whole family will join in the stupidity fun!

9. Clean-up is all yours, baby. Heavy dishes -- and lots of them -- make for bigger triceps.

10. PASS OUT. After you've consumed your fair share of Thanksgiving goodness, your tryptophan levels are skyrocketing and it's nap time. What's that saying? The more sleep you get, the skinnier you are? I'm sure Grandma Ida will understand that a catnap, not a round of Mahjong, is in your best interest.

Do you have any tips or tricks to keep healthy on Thanksgiving?


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nonmember avatar Jice

Or you could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday then get back to your regular workouts on Friday... Or be a real rebel and wait until Monday before hitting up the gym or putting your Jillian Michaels workout in the DVD player.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Or just come to my place. Luckily for me everyone that will be there (all family within 2000 miles, namely five of us) prefers to eat healthily. The most unhealthy thing on my menu is probably the mushroom gravy (there's about a quarter cup of butter in there) or maybe the almond cake I'm making for dessert although that's all good fats at least. I'm sure we will all eat too much but when everything on the table is full of veggie goodness you can only go so far wrong. After dinner we will most likely walk up to the playground plus I'll be running around prepping all morning which will make up for missing one day at the gym.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Chill already.  It's one day.  If you eat right and exercise regularly, cutting loose for one day won't hurt.  I adore holiday food, and never limit myself - some things, like stuffing, I only eat twice a year - so if I end up needing to change into yoga pants for the ride home, I don't care!

Ember... Emberbaby

What a Buzzkill!!!

hutch... hutchfam2007

Think of the possibilities :) as if your not already worn out enough just go ahead and throw in a lil cardio! lol. This cracked me up as I was envisioning doing it!!! I will NOT limit myself or work out that day! I will eat until I almost puke then fall asleep as cusomary :) SOOOOO thankful for that.

Kalic0 Kalic0

LOL...So funny! Chasing my kids automatically keeps me from eating to much.  My 5-year-old (autistic son) will not sit still for more then 5 minutes without an engrossing activity and this includes times when his favorite foods are on his plate.  And my daughter is a typical 2-year-old.

nonmember avatar jennifer

Or you can just skip the pants and not have to worry about unbuttoning them

Larissa Dinh

Skip the egg nog and have red wine, champagne or these low-cal cocktails, <3 Bethanny Frankel's light egg nog recipe.

Tastiest "Skinny" Holiday Cocktails

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I am not healthy on Thanksgiving. Nor am I healthy on Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, or Easter. What's the point of a holiday feast if you're not going to enjoy it? Jeez. One day off your diet isn't going to kill you. Hit the mall for Black Friday and get exercise running away from all the gift-buyers who want that exact sweater you just found for 75% off. :P

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