Adele Has a Post-Surgery Secret for Speedy Healing

adeleAdele should be feeling like she's floating on air these days, being that she's pretty much the hottest and best-selling songbird on the planet right now. You can't get through a day without hearing a.) her name dropped and b.) one of her songs played (at least three times, more if you listen to the radio). Despite this, it seems the 23-year-old has been battling some nasty health issues.

Recently, she had to reschedule stops on her tour, because she was suffering from ongoing problems with her throat. And more recently, she suffered a hemorrhaged vocal cord from a benign polyp. Ooouch!! As a result, she had to go under the knife for vocal cord microsurgery, which is pretty terrifying, considering how if one little thing went wrong, her brilliant career could be crushed. Stressful to say the least! But Adele has an amazing strategy for healing post-op.


Her secret? She has an incredibly upbeat attitude about the situation. As she wrote on her website:

Thank you for all your positive thoughts and get well wishes. I'm doing really well, on the mend, super happy, relaxed, and very positive with it all ... The operation was a success and I'm just chilling out now until I get the all clear from my doctors.

Good for her! I'm sure she's been scared by the whole ordeal (who wouldn't be?), but remaining happy, relaxed, and especially POSITIVE is the absolute best way to deal with any kind of recovery. There's even been legit research on this, showing that a positive attitude is linked to healing in the body.

I can even attest to this personally, having been through a year's worth of excruciating reconstructive dental surgery after a car accident and, more recently, a spinal surgery. My dentist and my doctor commented repeatedly on how positive I seemed to be during the process. Honestly, I was just grateful that I was getting both problems taken care of by professionals who I trusted, but I also knew feeling bad for myself or getting down about it all would only make matters worse. It's not easy to stay upbeat when you're going through a rough time with your well-being, but it's worth a shot. After all, science has proven that stress, anxiety, and depression can negatively impact physical health.

If her positive attitude is any indication of how quickly she'll heal, I'd venture to guess Adele is on track to making a full recovery faster than you can turn on the radio and hear "Someone Like You."

Do you agree a positive attitude can speed healing?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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